Wednesday, August 26, 2015

ADHD, TBI, More Back to School

ADHD AND GESTATION. A Finnish study indicates that babies born even slightly pre-term are at increased risk for a later diagnosis of ADHD. The study covered lots of years (14), lots of kids with ADHD (over 10,000) and four times as many children without ADHD. Even after taking into account many pregnancy and parental factors, premature birth was still associated with ADHD. Read more.

2015 LD INNOVATION SYMPOSIUM. The Landmark College Institute for Research and Training presents a symposium on October 2 featuring a variety of addresses and networking opportunities. Landmark, in Putney, Vermont, is one of just a few colleges catering to college students with learning challenges. Find out more.

CONCUSSIONS IN PERSPECTIVE. New York Times columnist Jane Brody points out a variety of factors concerning sports and concussions, including the past minimization of concussions but also the benefits of sports. If you're wondering about whether the risk of mild TBI in your child's prized brain is worth the exposure to various sports, check out the column.

BACK TO YOU-KNOW-WHAT. The website Understood offers some sample back-to-school letters of introduction to new teachers to explain learning-related issues or suggest accommodations that have worked previously. Understood even suggests involving your child in the letter-writing to build self-awareness. Find out more.

MORE BACK TO SCHOOL PREP. Wrightslaw, in Special Ed Advocate, presents Summer School Session 4, where "You'll learn the importance of asking questions and getting good advice from other advocates who will provide answers, creative ideas, and helpful suggestions about how to negotiate the maze of special education." Find it.

HELPNG KIDS FAIL is the topic of a new article at the site of the Child Mind Institute. The article provides some examples of extreme reactions to failure, followed by tips from a clinical psychologist on helping children deal with failure in a particular area or task. Find the article.

LAUGHING AT CHAOS. Jen the Blogger highlights one of the positive moments we all enjoy (or hope to) as we raise twice-exceptional children. Read Jen's blog post, titled "Living with a Teenage Troll."

SENG. Sharon Barnes presents a SENGinar on August 27th titled "Tips for Helping Gifted Teens and Kids Cope with Trauma." Cost: $40. Find out more.

FOR EDUCATORS. Some enterprising souls at StumbleUpon put together a list titled "100 Incredibly Useful YouTube Channels for Teachers." This is not a new list -- it's five years old -- but who knows what potential resources lurk on YouTube? Take a look to see if you can use them. (Parents of gifted kids might also do well to see what they can find here for their kids or themselves.)

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