Thursday, August 13, 2015

Anxiety, LDs in College, Advocacy, More

PSYCHOLOGIST DAN PETERS, a member of the 2e Newsletter Editorial Advisory Board, has just posted a new piece in the Huffington Post "Parents" section. In it, Dan -- counselor to and father of the kind of kiddos familiar to us all -- describes a real-life adventure reflecting what he teaches and preaches about anxiety and other issues. Find the piece.

LANDMARK COLLEGE caters to students with learning challenges. The latest issue of its magazine for alumni and friends contains a great story about how the right environment and the right educators can help a high-ability young person get back on track. The subject of the cover article transferred to Landmark after going on academic probation at her previous college... and that got her on the road to a master's and Ph.D. Find the article.

GAP YEAR AND DYSLEXIA. Dyslexic Advantage has posted a blog piece on the pros and cons of taking a gap year for a student with dyslexia. Find the list of points.

CHILD MIND INSTITUTE. This organization has two new articles on its website. One is titled "Supporting the Emotional Needs of Kids with Learning Disabilities," and covers what to do if kids feel they're "dumb," or that they stick out in class, or if they're worn out. The article is geared to all kids, not gifted ones, but the points are valid for twice-exceptional young people and their parents. Find the article. The second article is titled "School Success Kit for Kids with Auditory Processing Issues," and it promises "tools to help kids maximize classroom learning and stay on top of expectations." Can't ask for more than that -- find the article.

WRIGHTSLAW is on Session 3 of its Summer School 2015, and it covers tips for good advocating. As the blurb for the session notes, "there are better ways to obtain positive results than to roar through IEP meetings in a Mack Truck." Find out what those ways are.

BULLYING is the sole topic of a six-talk TED playlist. The exact title of the playlist is "Stand Up to Bullying," and it features talks by a poet, the son of a terrorist, the writer Andrew Solomon, Monica Lewinsky, the founder of a text-message crisis line, and a singer. Find the playlist.

SUMMIT CENTER WEBINAR. California's Summit Center is offering three webinars in the near future. The first is titled "Organizing Chaos: Solutions for Everyday Life in a Gifted Family." The host is Kathleen Crombie, who provides "Therapeutic Organizing" to gifted adults, children, and families. Find out more.

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