Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Davidson Fellows, Back to School, More

BACK TO SCHOOL. Yeah, we mock the flood of articles this time of year, but the Washington Post has one that might get parents thinking. The writer reflects on things she tried last year to help her kids have a good school year. Some worked, some didn't. What she tried included "backing off," not rescuing, not obsessively checking grades online, and goal-setting. See what she found out, and see if you think her experience applies to 2e kids.

THE CHILD MIND INSTITUTE also offers sound advice in two new articles. One deals with helping kids with ADHD succeed at school and the other with getting kids outdoors, something we often blog about.

DAVIDSON INSTITUTE. DITD has announced the 2015 Davidson Fellows, 20 truly gifted and high-achieving young people who will be recognized in a ceremony in Washington, D.C., and receive scholarships ranging from $10,000 to $50,000. The Institute notes that many of the winners' projects were inspired by personal experiences that drove them to find a solution to a problem -- for example, watching a family member suffer from cancer or witnessing children drink wastewater out of desperation. Project descriptions were certainly impressive -- for example, "Algorithms for Minimum Cost Linear Network Coding Design for Networks with General Connections." Read more. (The project titles reminded us of a long-ago Doonesbury cartoon.)

BRAIN STIMULATION: NOT SO FAST. We've noted the use recently of low-intensity transcranial brain stimulation devices to supposedly improve cognitive performance. A new study indicates that such devices may actually impair working memory. Find out more.

AUTISTIC TRAITS, CREATIVITY. A study indicates that people who have been identified with autism may score higher in certain types of creativity than neurotypical individuals. Read more.

AUTISM SUPPORT AT COLLEGE. A Tennessee college is implementing a pilot program this fall to better support students with autism. Supports include curriculum modification, tutoring, peer mentoring, and life coaching. Find out more.

GIFTED EDUCATION PRESS QUARTERLY, the fall edition, is out. In it, Maurice Fisher announces links to some of the lifetime papers of a pioneer of gifted education, Virgil Ward. Fisher also mentions several books he considers noteworthy on the topic of creativity. Articles in the Quarterly include one on the study of philosophy for gifted students, by Joan Franklin Smutny, a member of the 2e Newsletter Editorial Advisory Board. Find GEPQ

THE JULY/AUGUST ISSUE of 2e: Twice-Exceptional Newsletter went to paid subscribers yesterday. The issue includes a description of one public school district's efforts to better serve twice-exceptional students; a brief round-up of 2e-oriented private schools; and more. Non-subscribers may see a preview of the issue at this link

TRULY "DOG DAYS." Little 2e news, or gifted news. We're struggling to find interesting things to post on the blog and put into the briefing. So far this week the highlight was: "Scientists uncover a difference between the sexes." Seriously. To be honest, the headline writer gave us our joke; the article seems to be real science about gender brain differences. But we'll take cheap jokes while waiting real news.

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