Wednesday, August 5, 2015

The 2e Movie, Back to School, and the Dreaded Weed

2e: TWICE-EXCEPTIONAL, the movie. Producer Tom Ropelewski is doing follow-up interviews with subjects from this movie, and has posted snippets from those interviews. Some of the subjects of the original documentary have now graduated from college. Find the snippets.

UPDATE: REID DAY SCHOOL. The nascent Reid Day School in Orange County, California, is set for opening on September 8 to serve twice-exceptional children and their families. According to the head of school:
  1. Five students are enrolled to start on the first day of school. The school will have rolling admissions and will likely add another section of students, since the class sizes will not exceed six. 
  2. The school is adding a 1st- to 3rd-grade section. 
  3. The programs are part time or full time, including some "hybrid" options to provide homeschool support but include children in onsite enrichments. 
Find out more.

GIFTED EMPATHY. Emily VP has done a blog post relating how gifted children often have the empathy and perspective to form friendships with "differently abled" children, those with issues ranging from selective mutism to other special needs. The author notes of gifted and special needs kids, "Both may sense or perceive the world differently, and may process information differently." Find the blog.

BACK TO SCHOOL. Yep, it's getting to be that time, and among the barrage of "helpful" articles and press releases is one from an authoritative source, the Child Mind Institute. It's titled "School Success Kit for Kids with Executive Functioning Issues." Find it at the site of the Institute.

ANATOMY OF AN IEP -- that's what the website Understood offers for those who have yet to experience the joys of reading, interpreting, reacting to, and providing input for an Individualized Education Program. If an IEP might be in your future, check out the feature.

WE DON'T ENDORSE pot use by adolescents, but a recent study indicates that teen users might not be putting themselves at risk for health problems such as depression, anxiety, lung cancer, or certain other later-in-life problems such as high blood pressure. Read more. If the results are true, it might be one less thing to worry about concerning pot and your teen -- other than running afoul of the law, driving under the influence, or making decisions even stupider than teens are capable of 
making normally. 

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