Friday, September 11, 2015

Truly Individualized Learning; The Science of Adolescence; and More

INDIVIDUALIZED LEARNING through brain imaging is the goal of a researcher at Ohio State University who has just received a National Science Foundation Grant. The project will look for the neural underpinnings of student strengths and weaknesses, hoping to discover biomarkers that would then allow the development of truly individualized learning plans to help learners reach their potential. Read more.

THE SCIENCE OF ADOLESCENCE was the topic of a recent Diane Rehm show. Program guests discussed what neuroscience has taught us about the teen brain. Parents and educators can see the transcript at the site of the show.

TEMPLE GRANDIN FANS might be interested to know that she'll be in Florida on Septermber 24 touring the beef and dairy teaching units at the University of Florida’s Institute of Food and Agricultural Sciences, after which she'll present a free lecture titled "Helping Different Kinds of Minds Be Successful." Find out more.

BACK TO SCHOOL MEANS... homework. Which can involve parents directly or indirectly. This week at least two sources offer advice to parents on homework:
THE CHILD MIND INSTITUTE has posted a new article on the phenomenon of losing interest or motivation at school, including tips for figuring out what might be at the root of the problem. The article notes that skills deficits can be a problem, as with an LD; and that emotional difficulties such as depression or anxiety might be the cause. Find the article.

ADDITUDE has recently featured two articles that might be of interest to parents and educators of twice-exceptional children. One artlcle covers the confluence of ADHD and executive function disorders; find it. The other article is titled "A Complete Guide to Natural ADHD Treatments"; find it.

IN CALIFORNIA? Doesn't matter, 'coz this event is a webinar. On September 28, Susan Daniels, of the Summit Center in California, is presenting "Living with Intensity: Understanding the Gifted Child," discussing overexcitabilities in the context of giftedness. Find out more.

NEW MEXICO IN THE WINTER? Why not? And that's where neuroscientist M Layne Kalbfleisch has scheduled two February workshops. The blurb for the first promises, "Workshop participants will learn basic principles of the brain’s function and plasticity – how it learns, remembers, creates, and imagines in childhood and across life; the difference between good and bad stress; and new skills to keep it healthy, enhance memory, and support skill and talent." The second workshop builds on content and experiences from the first and is called "a deepening retreat." Both events are at the Ghost Ranch.

2e: THE MOVIE. Upcoming screenings include:
  • October 13 at 7pm at the ArcLight Cinema in Bethesda, Maryland. Tickets $8.50. Find out more
  • October 28 from 7-9 at Molloy College in Rockville Centre, New York. Suggested donation $10. Pre-registration required. Find out more.

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