Wednesday, October 7, 2015

ADHD Meds, Linda Silverman, Anxiety, Depression, and the ICD-10

ADHD MEDS. If that 2e child you raise has ADHD, you're probably familiar with at least some of the medications prescribed to help him or her function best. The site of the Child Mind Institute has just published an article on ADHD meds, subtitled "A look at the alternatives, and how they work." If you're looking for more information, this could be a good starting place. Find the article.

LINDA SILVERMAN INTERVIEWED. Pyschologist Linda Silverman, a member of the 2e Newsletter Editorial Advisory Board, was recently interviewed in print and audio by two different publications, The Sun ("print" online) and New Hampshire Public Radio. Silverman is head of the Gifted Development Center in Colorado, which performs testing and evaluation of gifted and twice-exceptional children. According to GDC, the radio interview "focused on defining giftedness, the characteristics of giftedness, parenting the gifted, twice exceptional children, what can happen if gifted children are not identified or served, and the use of IQ tests with culturally diverse and socio-economically disadvantaged children."

DIFFERENTIATION. A blogger at Edutopia offers "five collaborative grouping strategies" to help educators work together to provide differentiated instruction. If this topic is of interest to you, check out the blog.

HELPING YOUR CHILD COPE WITH ANXIETY is the topic of an article at PsychCenteral. Included in the strategies: help them label; encourage them to face their fears; expose them gradually to their fears; and reflect back questions. Find the article.

ABOUT DEPRESSION. Medical Daily has posted a video about six myths of depression. Myth 1: that it's rare. Find out more about the myths.

QUAD PREP: BREAKTHROUGHS 2016. The Quad Preparatory School has announced the date for its second annual "Breakthroughs" conference: Friday, March 18. It will be hosted at the Cooper Union. The "call for submissions" for the conference opens October 15, so be alert if you're interested in presenting. If you're interested in attending, check back at the site of Quad Prep later for more information. Quad Prep serves twice-exceptional students in New York City; the conference focuses on "breaking through walls" for twice-exceptional education.

AND FINALLY, THIS. October 1 was the roll-out of new medical diagnostic codes under the ICD-10 system. The codes are used by physicians, healthcare organizations, and insurers to classify injuries and illnesses. ICD-10 has more than four times the number of codes as its predecessor system, which in theory should help everyone be specific in classifying and analyzing medical conditions, but The Washington Post had a little fun with the new codes and their specificity, noting codes such as "bitten by a squirrel" or "injured while knitting or crocheting." Our favorite, however, was "walked into lamppost, initial encounter W22.02XA" -- something that actually happened to one of our children. Read more and pick your favorite. (Codes can be combined, eg to designate the type of injury and where it occurred, which brings up the possibility of a code for something like falling off a swing while under the influence of ADHD. :-) )

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