Friday, October 2, 2015

Who Are the Gifted, Three "Awareness" Events, and More

"WHO ARE THE GIFTED AND TALENTED, and What Do They Need?" That's the title of a piece at the site of NPR that covers the definition of giftedness, the identification of the gifted, and how schools should serve the gifted. The piece quotes experts familiar to the readers of 2e Newsletter, including Linda Silverman, Scott Peters, and Scott Barry Kaufman. The piece notes the lack of state standards for treating gifted students. However, Kaufman is quoted as saying that in a perfect world, every student would have an IEP. And Peters, referring to past emphasis on getting everyone to a minimal standard of proficiency, says "There seems to be a change in belief now — that you need to show growth in every student. That's huge." It is. Read more.

IT'S ADHD AWARENESS MONTH, and ADDitude has suggestions about what you can to to observe the month. Find out more. Separately, next week is Mental Illness Awareness Week, and the Brain and Behavior Research Foundation can tell you more about that; go there. It's also Dyslexia Awareness Month.

TOOLS FROM CHADD. The organization Children and Adults with Attention Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder has announced a new benefit for its parent members to help improve ADHD treatment monitoring. DefiniPoint is a HIPAA secure suite of online tools that improves communication, enabling clinicians to easily gather feedback from parents and teachers about the efficacy of ADHD treatment. With this information clinicians are able to make a more informed decision on the child’s ADHD care, says CHADD. Find out more about DefiniPoint. Find out more about CHADD.

WORKING MEMORY TRAINING -- does it work? A study funded by the Canadian Institute for Health Research indicates that CogMed's working memory training may not work, at least not in college students with ADHD. Read more.

THEATER-BASED TRAINING FOR AUTISTIC CHILDREN can help them improve social skills, according to a study funded by the U.S. NIMH. According to a write-up of the study, "The treatment group showed notable changes in the ability to identify and remember faces...more group play with children outside the treatment setting, as well as improvement in social communication at home and in the community that was maintained for at least two months." Find out more.

DEPRESSION. Researchers are getting closer to explaining how a new class of antidepressant works, one that targets glutamate. The explanation involves a neuronal receptor called mGluR5 and gets a little technical (this study was published in the journal Molecular Psychiatry), but you can find out more at NewsWise.

FORGET DRUGS for treating depression, let's use ultrasound! That's what one clinical trial is doing. The technique focuses ultrasound to destroy (ablate) a small area of brain tissue linked to severe depression. Read more.

SENG PARENT GROUP IN CALIFORNIA. Judy Wiener will lead a six-week discussion group for parents of gifted kids in the Oak Park, California, area. The group is sponsored by the school district's GATE advisory council, and a fee applies. Find out more.

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