Saturday, November 14, 2015

Dyslexia, RTI, Depression, More

DYSLEXIC ACHIEVER. That's the label for actor and screenwriter Justin Theroux. In an interview with Fresh Air's Terry Gross he described his early struggles with dyslexia, according to Understood. Find out more. Separately, Understood on November 17 offers a webinar titled "If My Kid Is So Smart, Why Is He So Slow?" The webinar deals with processing issues. Find out more.

FOLLOW UP ON HANDCUFFING LITTLE KIDS. In several places we've noted the handcuffing of the Kentucky 8 YO boy with ADHD, and in our current issue of the newsletter Bill Dickerman reflects on the incident. Now, the New York Times weighs in; find it.

GOT A STRONG-WILLED 2e KIDDO? A writer on parenting at the Washington Post suggests you look past the immediate disadvantages to you and take a longer view of the advantages. Read more.

RTI falls short of its promise, according to Education Week. Experts have told us how RTI might be bad for identifying and serving the twice-exceptional, but this article seems to imply that RTI might not be as generally helpful as forecast. Read more.

$2M FOR KETAMINE STUDY. The Australian government is funding a $2M study to see if the drug ketamine is an effective, safe treatment for depression that does not respond to other treatments. A trial of 200 patients is scheduled to start in April of 2016, according to ABC News Australia. Find out more.

PARENT-TEACHER COMMUNICATION. The website Raising Digital Natives offers nine tips for parents who communicate with school. Number 1: "Start with empathy" because of the nature of the teacher's job. Read the tips.

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