Sunday, January 24, 2016

Opportunity to Participate in 2e Research

The following statement is from a researcher at The University of Redlands in California...

Dear Colleagues, Parents and Students:

As a trainer of special education teachers, I seek to understand the perceptions of parents, teachers, administrators and adults who have educational experience with or as a twice exceptional student. This research will inform my understanding as to what components should be included in teacher preparation as well as add to the research in the field of teacher training. As suggested in the growing professional literature, there is little research that has included the voices of key stakeholders. These voices of experience can lend a valuable perspective to the field of teacher education.

I am looking for volunteers who are parents, teachers or administrators of students who fit this twice exceptional description. I am also looking for twice exceptional students (18 and over) who are willing to share their experiences and insights. Official diagnoses of an exceptionality or of giftedness are not required. As long as a participant self identifies as being twice exceptional or as having worked with this population, study eligibility is established.

Initially I will identify a pool of Potential Participants who will complete only a Consent Form and a Screening Questionnaire. From that pool, I will select a diverse group of Actual Participants. All Potential Participants will be notified of their final acceptance into the study or not.

Once identified as an Actual Participant, I will arrange with the individual to meet in person and discuss experiences loosely based on guiding questions. Alternatively, a Participant may prefer to complete interview responses via email. These interviews will take place in January through March 2016 and last for approximately an hour. The risk to participants in sharing their perspectives is minimal, and benefits will impact teacher training which would presumably improve educational experiences of twice exceptional students.

If you are interested in participating in this study, please contact me via email. I would also appreciate you forwarding on this Invitation to Participate in a Research Study on Twice Exceptional Students to others who may be willing to share their experiences.


Amber Bechard, Ed.D., Visiting Assistant Professor

University of Redlands​​

IRB Approval #2015-70-Redlands

"Twice Exceptional Students, Understanding Stakeholder Perspectives"

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