Thursday, March 31, 2016

New School for the 2e, International Gifted Consortium, and More

2e-FRIENDLY SCHOOL ON LONG ISLAND. Ellen Richer, the founding director of Quad Preparatory School in Manhattan, is starting a school called The Long Island Whole Child Academy. The school is now enrolling students in grades 4-8 for a summer program and for the 2016-17 school year. Open houses are scheduled to provide prospective students and their families with more information. Find out more. To replace Ellen Richer, who did a long commute from Long Island to Manhattan for two years, Quad Prep has named Kris Berman as head of school.

INTERNATIONAL GIFTED CONSORTIUM. Founded by P. Susan Jackson, Vanessa Wood, and Miraca Gross, the organization states its vision this way: "To facilitate a global, collaborative, in-depth examination of giftedness, to collectively better understand, communicate and support the more acute, more intense nature of the social, emotional, intellectual, physical and altruistic characteristics, exhibited by the highly/profoundly gifted child, thereby leading the world to an enriched understanding of the full spectrum of giftedness." Find more information at the organization's website or in a LinkedIn post.

CONNECTICUT EDUCATIONAL FORUM. The Beacon School, a 2e-friendly school in Stamford, is co-hosting an educational forum on April 3. According to a website announcement of the event, it is one of a series of "free educational forums open to all families and students wishing to explore pertinent educational issues and opportunities." Topics for the April 3rd forum include gifted underachievement, early college alternatives, options for college, and more. Find out more.

EEG AS AN ADHD TREATMENT. SharpBrains has an article on its website about the use of a video game combined with an electroencephalogram (EEG) device to reduce symptoms associated with ADHD. The improvements were evidently maintained for at least three months. Read more.

CHILD MIND INSTITUTE. This organization recently published resources on PANDAS, severe and acute-onset OCD. One resource is an article; the other is a parent's guide to the disorder.

SENG. Registration is now open for the 2016 annual conference of the organization Supporting Emotional Needs of the Gifted. Find out more about the conference, which we plan to attend and cover. Separately, SENG is one of the only organizations that supports parents of gifted children with regard to the emotional and other needs of those kiddos. The organization offers multi-week SENG Model Parenting Groups, and this spring it is piloting "SMPG Plus+," a series of one-day parent retreats. Find out more.

LINDA SILVERMAN, a member of the 2e Newsletter Editorial Advisory Board, gave an interview to an East Coast educator interested in visual-spatial learners. Find the interview.

WRIGHTSLAW. Got an IEP in the family? In the current issue of Special Ed Advocate, Wrightslaw provides information on what IDEA requires in terms of annual IEP reviews. Read Special Ed Advocate.

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