Wednesday, April 27, 2016

A Special Post of a "Best Thing I Ever Did for My 2e Child."

A while ago we asked on Facebook and in blog and briefing for readers' responses to the question "What's the best thing you've ever done for that 2e child you raise or teach." We published the responses in the March/April issue of 2e: Twice: Exceptional Newsletter and also have been posting them on Facebook. The response below was too long to run in its entirety, plus we want to use it as the basis for a future article on finding the underlying causes of the physiological issues some 2e kiddos experience -- issues that sap energy and attention and make it hard for them to deal with the LD challenges in their lives. If you have experience finding and resolving these "underlying causes," consider letting us know so that we might share your experiences in future newsletter articles.

Here's what "Connie" had to say was her "best thing"...

There have been a great many important landmarks along this path: finding the 2e Newsletter and tapping into that vast resource, professional assessments, the decision to homeschool....

But I want to tell you a little about a different kind of game changer for my two 2e kiddos that might help other 2e families who might not have thought of it (I didn’t!). After many years of different types of assessments and remediations, my kids were frustrated, depressed, and exhausted. They worked so very hard at every single one, but nothing stuck. It left them feeling broken and hopeless. My son told me time and again that he could deal with the learning disabilities… he just couldn’t stand the depression, anxiety, and fatigue that came with just getting through each day. I just felt there was something more to the picture -- though I couldn’t identify what. Something on a physiological level.

I dug into researching what “else” we could do and finally found an amazing naturopath. We started eating organic and drinking filtered water. Next tried elimination diets and found profound sensitivities (that didn’t show up on previous food allergy tests) to dairy, soy, grains. Eliminated those from our diet. That helped (and is still fairly standard fare out there in terms of easily accessible literature), but still didn’t get us “there.”

I’ll fast forward to the true game changer, once this foundation was laid: testing that focused on G-I health, adrenal fatigue, and blood tests for the MTHFR gene mutation, and that not only looked at serum but (and this is important) intracellular vitamin/mineral levels. The latter is so important because even if serum levels are great, if these vitamins and minerals aren’t getting into the cells in sufficient levels, they’re not able to do their jobs. Major outcomes for our family of these tests were:
  • MTHFR gene mutation (not uncommon in kids with autism, ADHD, learning disabilities)
  • Severe adrenal fatigue 
  • Candida overgrowth in one child (linked to a large number of things, including malabsorption, depression and anxiety)
  • IBS in the other child
  • Extremely low cholesterol (linked to depression and anxiety)
  • A number of deficiencies, including vitamins A, B12, B6, D, selenium (most of these came out in the intracellular micro-nutrient tests -– we wouldn’t have known about them if we’d done only the standardized blood tests).
We’ve been working hard for about eight months on these issues, as well as a detox program. I cannot over-emphasize the change in quality of life for these kids. They are happy and healthy for the first time they can remember. Their brains are functioning at an unprecedented level. They still get tired, but not flattened, by their challenges. They feel hopeful about their futures.

So I’d have to say getting to the root of the kids’ physiological issues was the best thing I ever did for my kids. Being physically healthy is the cornerstone for them being emotionally healthy. I’d recommend it to anyone and everyone out there!

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