Thursday, April 14, 2016

Ed Amend Interview, Depression, Anxiety, Foot Massage, and More

ED AMEND IN PSYCHOLOGY TODAY. Kentucky psychologist Ed Amend, who does lots of work with gifted and twice-exceptional children, did a Psychology Today interview that was posted on April 10. In it, Amend offers his perspectives on giftedness and ADHD, giftedness and Asperger's, giftedness and depression, and more. He also takes a swipe at the relatively low amounts of education funding allocated for gifted services. Find the interview. Way to go, Ed!

SCREEN ALL TEENS FOR DEPRESSION? That's the question posed by the Wall Street Journal, which then provides fodder for both a "yes" and a "no" answer. We know 2e kiddos are vulnerable -- check out this article.

ANXIETY AND KIDS. And if there's another common co-morbidity in 2e kids besides depression, it's anxiety. That's the topic of an article at SCTimes, where the writer states that one in eight children are affected by anxiety disorders. The article offers tips for what parents can do to help deal with anxiety in their children. Find the article.

CONCUSSION has been in the news lately, mostly in stories about older athletes, but a recent article at Medical News Today notes that the rate of concussion is particularly high in the years five and under. The article reports on a study of the effects of such concussions on parent/child relationships and on the child's development of new abilities. Find out more.

CHILD MIND INSTITUTE. On the site of this organization are two new articles on dyscalculia -- "How to Spot Dyscalculia" and "How to Help Kids with Dyscalculia." These articles are likely to be useful for both parents and educators.

HEIGHT CHART, WEIGHT CHART, BRAIN CHART? New research from the University of Michigan Medical School suggests that it might be possible to create a growth chart of brain networks that could identify early signs of attention difficulties and, potentially, attention deficit hyperactivity disorder. The team created the experimental growth chart by mapping the development of brain networks in more than 500 children and teens. They found networks are underdeveloped in those who have attention difficulties. Find the press release from the University of Michigan about this study.

JEN THE BLOGGER reflects on having a kiddo of the type we all know and love who is turning 15. Find her blog post.

AND FINALLY, THIS. How's your blood pressure, parent or teacher? How's your anxiety level? Well, we have just the thing for you. A Japanese study has indicated that aroma foot massage can significantly reduce blood pressure and anxiety. Interested? Find out more.

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