Thursday, May 5, 2016

Asperger's and Comedy, 2e Schools, and More

ASPERGER'S ARE US is a four-man comedy group. All four are on the spectrum, and they've been writing comedy together for about a decade. The group is the subject of a documentary recently purchased by Netflix, and this summer the group has lined up some club dates in places such as Boston and New York. Find out more.

2e AND THE GATE PROGRAM. A writer at the Huffington Post recounts her own childhood years. " I would pretend to read, turning pages when everyone else did, staring at the ocean of letters in front of me, letters that I knew made sense to everyone else." Yep. Dyslexia. But her assessment also showed she was gifted, so she got what she calls "one blissful afternoon a week" in a GATE program. She uses her perspective to muse on today's GATE programming -- who gets admitted, when it can be tough to get in, and perhaps even that her "quirky, creative child" should not be in GATE. Read more.

CHILDREN'S MENTAL HEALTH AWARENESS DAY is today, May 5, according to the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration, and it's part of Children's Mental Health Awareness Week, from May 1 to May 7, which the Huffington Post is observing with several articles. And if you want even more, May is Mental Health Awareness Month, according to the Brain and Behavior Research Foundation's website.

CHILD MIND INSTITUTE. This organization has posted a "Parents' Guide to Dyslexia," available at its website.

LIBERTY SCHOOL, a private school for students with dyslexia, giftedness, and twice-exceptionality (gifted and dyslexic) in Durango, Colorado, has received its accreditation from AdvancED, according to the Durango Herald. The nine-year-old school has 24 students and charges $14,000 for tuition. Read more.

DISTRACTIBILITY SPECTRUM. People vary according to different personality traits, such as extraversion or conscientiousness, and new research suggests that they also vary according to a particular cognitive trait: distractibility. The researchers' hypothesis: "...there might be an attention-distractibility trait that all of us have to some degree, and the clinical end of the spectrum is seen as ADHD." Read more.

FOR BRAIN MAVENS. Cerebrum has a new article on its site about observing the neural networks of the intact, living brain. From the article: "Now, through a confluence of optical physics, protein engineering, and molecular biology, it is possible to observe directly the neural symphony in the intact brain. A method called two-photon microscopy allows researchers an unprecedented view of the living brain in action, from individual synapses to entire neurons and neural circuits." If that intrigues you, find the article.

QUAD PREP ON THE MOVE. The Quad Preparatory School in Manhattan has announced its move this fall to new and larger quarters at 25 Pine Street in Lower Manhattan. QuadPrep is, according to its website, "an alternative college preparatory school dedicated to the education of twice-exceptional students with social learning differences." Find out more.

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