Monday, May 9, 2016

Depression News, 2e Center Workshop, A Kiwi News Story, and More

DEPRESSION. The Washington Post notes the value of celebrities who acknowledge their issues with depression or anxiety. The article mentions Kristen Bell talking about her mental health concerns in a video, Captain America Chris Evans talking to Rolling Stone about his anxiety, and gives many more examples of "the stigma shrinking." A psychologist quoted in the article points out that when Bruce Springsteen told Rolling Stone of his depression, she "had an influx of young men calling for psychotherapy." Find the article, and use it as you will for that young person you raise. Separately, Child Psychiatry has published an interview with a prominent psychiatrist about the use of antidepressants in children; find it. And separately again, an article at Science Daily explains how the drug ketamine can reverse depression-like behavior in mice; read it.

WORKSHOP BY THE 2e CENTER. The 2e Center for Research and Professional Development, affiliated with Bridges Academy in Studio City, California, is offering two one-day workshops in August for counselors, educators, therapists, and others. According to the Center, participants will "Learn how to use an innovative suite of four tools that will help you discover and include the 'person' in strength-based, talent-focused learning. It’s a deceptively simple idea refined at Bridges Academy that can lead to big changes in motivation and learning." Find more information.

TROUBLE-MAKING KIDS. A news-program feature from TV3 in New Zealand is titled "Is Your Trouble-making Child Actually Gifted?" The feature notes the asynchrony in gifted children, and how "gifted" behavior can be misdiagnosed and pathologized. North Americans will have a good time enjoying the broadcasters' accents; at least, we did. (If you can't visit, watch their television.) At the end of the feature, one of the broadcasters, we find out, was labeled naughty and gifted early in life. The other responds, "Well, I was just a little sh*t." Find the feature.

2e: TWICE EXCEPTIONAL, the movie, is now available for licensed streaming by groups and institutions for $150 a year or $350 for three years. Find the details. The movie's producer says that the film will be available for streaming for personal and home use later in 2016.

FREE FROM EDUCATION WEEK, a "spotlight" (not to be confused with 2e Newsletter's "Spotlight on 2e" series of booklets) on the topic of the growth mindset. The blurb says, "An emphasis on non-cognitive skills in schools has spurred efforts to instill growth mindsets in the classroom. In this Spotlight, read how schools are embracing social-emotional learning, nurturing growth mindsets, and creating classroom opportunities for meaningful struggle." Find out more.

SAN DIEGO 2e-ORIENTED SCHOOL. Accelerated Academics, a legally recognized, California-based private school satellite program (PSP) is now accepting high ability and twice exceptional students into its program which addresses educational and personal needs through an intensively differentiated online curriculum. According to a press release, the program acts as an umbrella for many K-8 homeschool families and is the brainchild of Dr. Jenelle Miller, a specialist in gifted education and board member of the California Association for the Gifted (CAG). Find out more.

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