Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Grit, TiLT, Introversion, More

MORE GRIT DEBUNKERS. A student columnist for The Daily Northwestern adds her two cents to the discussion on the importance of grit in success. She writes something of interest to those of us in the 2e community:
"In fact, emphasis on 'grit' is not only detrimental to those who aren’t grinders, but is also borderline ableist. Much is made of CEOs with dyslexia — Malcolm Gladwell dedicates an entire chapter of his book David and Goliath to this topic — but does not sufficiently consider how much harder children with learning disabilities must work to achieve the same level of success as their neurotypical peers. Millions of children with dyslexia don’t become CEOs or [they] underachieve relative to their classmates. Are these children all simply lacking in grit?"
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INTROVERSION. The New York Times recently had two pieces on teen introversion. One is titled "Is Your Teen's Introversion a Problem for Your Teen -- or for You?" Find it. The other includes a quiz to see how much the reader knows about introverted teenagers. Find it.

TiLT. We recently pointed readers to TiLT, a new site for parents of "differently wired kids." TiLT recently reached out to highlight the other ways they communicate with parents. In TiLT's words:

  • Facebook: Our Facebook Page is where we share articles and other resources of interest to our community, as well as a place for us to personally connect with you. Follow the TiLT Parenting Facebook page by clicking here
  • Pinterest: We've got boards for all kinds of neurological differences, from giftedness to ADHD to Dyslexia, as well as boards on things like brain science, education, homeschooling, and more. Visit us on Pinterest here
  • Instagram: We love us some Instagram! Here you'll find inspirational quotes and tips and images of things we love. Visit us on Instagram here
  • Twitter: If tweeting is your thing, we're on Twitter as part of the conversation surrounding the world of neurologically atypical kids, education, and more. Direct messaging us through Twitter is also a great way to be in touch. Follow us on Twitter here.
CAFFEINE AND KIDS WITH ADHD. A writer at Understood provides her perspective, based on personal experience and research, on the effects of caffeine on kiddos who have ADHD. In general, she believes, caffeine does not mix well with the ADHD mind and body. Find the perspective.
DEPRESSION. Write-ups of two new studies crossed our desk (our monitors?) recently:
  • Antidepressants are being prescribed for lots more than depression. A McGill University study indicated that as many as 29 percent of antidepressant prescriptions were for "off-label" indications, for example anxiety or insomnia. Read more
  • Researchers are looking into how ketamine alleviates depression by studying its various metabolites. The purpose: to eliminate the adverse side effects of ketamine given as a "whole." (From the NEJM "Journal Watch, by subscription only.)
THE GUT AND THE BRAIN. If the influence of gut microorganisms on the human brain is of interest to you, check out an article at Science Daily on the topic. It notes how gut bacteria can affect brain processes and also the immune system.

AND FINALLY, THIS. A Harvard graduating senior who spoke at that school's 2016 commencement has received lots of attention. The student is a poet and received a degree from the school of education. From the address, as quoted at Quartz:
At the core, none of us were meant to be common.
We were born to be comets,
Darting across space and time—
Leaving our mark as we crash into everything
Find more.

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