Thursday, June 30, 2016

Dyslexia Screening, "Being You," 2e in Australia, More

MISSOURI TO SCREEN FOR DYSLEXIA. The state of Missouri has enacted legislation requiring that public school students be screened for dyslexia, and that teachers receive training on dyslexia. An article in the St. Louis Post-Dispatch credits the advocacy group Decoding Dyslexia for encouraging the legislature to act. Find the story. Find out more about Decoding Dyslexia. Find out about dyslexia-related legislation in your state at the site of Dyslexic Advantage or here.

2e IN PERTH. The Perth, Australia, metropolitan area is about 11,000 miles from where we write this blog, but an article at PerthNow shows how 2e kids and parents face the same issues around the world. The article describes an 8yo boy with an IQ of 150 and ADHD, the combination of which has led him at times to be labeled as "the naughty kid." Find the article.

BEING YOU is the title of a documentary that Understood, in partnership with Roadtrip Nation, created to help young people with learning and attention issues gain perspective on what it means to go into adulthood with those issues. The three young people who embark on a road trip carry an assortment of labels: ADHD, dyslexia, dysgraphia, dyspraxia, and non-verbal learning disorder. During the trip, they interview successful adults who have found fulfillment in spite of having those same issues. Find out more at the site of Understood, where you can see the movie trailer, find out how to get access to the entire documentary, and download a "Being You" discussion guide.

FOLLOW-UP ON ANTIDEPRESSANTS. We wrote on June 10 about a study of the efficacy of antidepressants in children indicating that only one drug, fluoxetine, seemed to be more effective than a placebo. This week The Wall Street Journal reported on that study, providing additional perspective and background. If depression is an issue with your 2e kiddo, check out the article.

LANDMARK COLLEGE has awarded its first bachelor's degrees, the result of expanding from two-year to four-year programming. Landmark is a Vermont college catering to students with learning disabilities and other learning challenges. Find out more.

SENG NEWSLETTER. The current SENG newsletter contains a couple of 2e-relevant articles. One is by Melissa Sornik and titled "Gifted and Underachieving -- The Twice-exceptional Learner"; find it. The other is by Richard Olenchak and titled "Affective Development of Gifted Students with Non-traditional Talents"; find it. Both articles were previously published elsewhere.

SPANKING, AGGRESSION. An M.D. writing for The New York Times' Well feature explores the link between spanking and aggressiveness in children. That link may be characterized as "bidirectional and transactional." To find out what that means for your household, read Well.

"INTRUSIVE" PARENTING. Pushy parents might engender kids who are highly self-critical, anxious, or depressed, according to research written up at HealthDay. Read more about the study.

SMART KIDS WITH LEARNING DISABILITIES has on its site an article about time management for kids with learning disabilities. Underlying the strategies outlined in the article is the assumption (which both parent and child must buy into) that time management, like other skills, is something that can be successfully taught and practiced. Find the article.

TiLT, the website for parents of "differently-wired kids," has posted a new episode in its podcast series. This one is titled "The Myths and Realities of ADHD / ADD," and features Margit Crane Luria, an ADHD coach. Find the podcast.

FALL OE EVENT IN THE UK. In addition to its summer camp, PowerWood is sponsoring a weekend in October called "Workshop Weekend OE (Intensity, sensitivity, and hyper-reactivity). The event is to be held in East Sussex. Find out more.

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