Friday, June 17, 2016

FAPE, Javits, Gifted Ed, Math Camp, and More

WHAT'S FAPE? According to Disability Scoop, the U.S. Supreme Court is considering hearing a FAPE case -- free and appropriate public education -- brought by the parents of a boy with autism. The parents removed the boy from public school in Colorado, enrolled him in a private school, and then sought reimbursement from the public school district. Two lower courts ruled the boy had received "some" educational benefit from the public school, but the parents kept appealing. This is potentially a big deal for the 2e community. Read more.

JAVITS FUNDING. NAGC has announced that Javits funding for 2017 has cleared one hurdle, approval by the Senate Appropriations Committee for the munificent (our word, not NAGC's) amount of $12 million. That's good news, but you know how we feel about the stinginess of the federal government when it comes to funding anything gifted ed related. Read NAGC's statement.

EDUCATION WEEK has posted an article titled "5 Ways Gifted Students Learn Differently." One example: becoming focused on particular topics. The article is directed at educators, but parents might find it interesting as well, if you can get access to it at the site of Education Week.

CHILD MIND INSTITUTE. This organization has posted two new articles. One is titled "Managing Social Media Stress with Mindfulness." By "stress," the article means comparing oneself to others, the fear of missing out, and the stirred-up emotions that come from online socializing in general. Find the article. The second article is titled "Is It ADHD or Immaturity?" and it concerns how to avoid a misdiagnosis when a child is younger than classmates. Find the article.

BRIGHT MATH CAMP is an Ottawa, Canada, non-profit that offers day camps for students of various ages in July on the campus of the University of Ottawa. Its mission, as the name implies, is the promotion of mathematics. In addition, BMC is holding on July 24 an event called "Mega Math Moment," with a master math class, exhibits by organizations, student displays, and more. Find out more about BMC and Mega Math Moment.

NEED "STUFF"? Like a $1000 botox appointment with a Manhattan doctor? A rug for your classroom? A large weighted blanket? Some parent coaching sessions? The Quad Foundation and its programs just concluded its third "Founder's Gala" but has some items still available for online bidding. See what's offered.

UNCLEAR ON THE CONCEPT. A business in the process of opening in Galt, California, was slated to be called Special Ed's Brewery. Our guess is that the business owners don't know any families whose kids receive special ed services, because some of the business' marketing language seemed sure to offend. For example: "Ride the short bus to special beer." For example: beer bottle labels reading "'tard tested, 'tard approved." We'll bet, based on reportage of public reaction, that the owners change their tack. Read more.

GOT MIGRAINES IN THE HOUSE? A recent study noted a pattern of low blood levels of certain vitamins and vitamin-like substances -- vitamin D, riboflavin, and coenzyme Q10 -- in child and adolescent patients who suffered from migraines. The findings were correlational, not causal, and point to more work to be done. Read more.

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