Monday, June 27, 2016

Overlooking Gifted Abilities, Parenting Teens, Podcasts, and More

A PSYCHOLOGIST from the Philadelphia area has a blog named "Gifted Challenges." A recent posting explores what happens when a gifted child's abilities are overlooked, say through mis-identification or through twice exceptionality. She offers five consequences of this situation. How many apply to your 2e kiddo? Find the blog. Another posting at the site is on how gifted advocacy parent groups can benefit parents and kiddos alike. (Thanks to NAGC for pointing us to this blog.)

JEN THE BLOGGER unleashes her magazine publishing aspirations. She writes, "Don't you wish there was a magazine all about parenting teenagers? Kinda like the mags you'd read in the middle of the night, nursing an infant? Fear not! I mocked one up for you!" Find it.

TiLT PODCASTS. The website TiLT has made its podcasts available in blog versions and in YouTube versions. For example, now you can find podcast episode 1, "Parenting the Child You Didn't Expect When You Were Expecting," as 1) the original podcast, 2) a transcribed blog posting, and 3) at TiLT's YouTube channel. The TiLT website is for parents of "differently-wired kids."

MORE PARENTING PODCASTS. The Washington Post offers a list of "11 parenting podcasts worth checking out." One podcast is a 10-part series hosted by Susan Cain, who wrote Quiet: The Power of Introverts in a World that Can't Stop Talking. The series focuses on parenting introverts. Find the entire list.

ADHD AND DISTRACTIBILITY. A psychologist ruminates in the Knoxville News Sentinel about how kids with ADHD experience the world, focusing on distractability. The article starts out: "'That clock is so loud!' said the 8-year-old boy in my office." Find the article.

MICROBIOME WONKS, check out a piece at the site of the Brain and Behavior Research Foundation on how the gut affects the development of the prefrontal cortex.

GHF PRESS has released in print and electronic form a new book, Your Rainforest Mind: A Guide to the Well-Being of Gifted Adults and Youth, by Paula Prober. From the GHF site: "Like the rain forest, are you sometimes intense, multilayered, colorful, creative, overwhelming, highly sensitive, complex, and/or idealistic? And, like the rain forest, have you met too many chainsaws?" Find out more about the book.

DEPRESSION, AFRICAN AMERICANS. A researcher from Lehigh University contends that "Depression in African Americans... is expressed in ways that are inconsistent with symptoms of depression laid out in the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders." The researcher notes that if the way African Americans view and experience depression is different than in the larger society or in the mental health profession, depression in African Americans isn't going to be diagnosed and treated appropriately. Read more.

NEWS FLASH: Disability Scoop says that Special Ed's Brewery in Galt, California, will choose another name. Read more.

AND FINALLY THIS, from Google News via a site called Boing Boing: "Wise Ones, an Australian 'gifted' education programme, offers students who test into it vaccination exemption forms, and advises them to avoid wifi, because they say that 'gifted children' have 'extra neurological connections' that make them vulnerable to 'extra sensitivities to food or chemicals.'" It's doubtful that this has anything to do with the over-excitabilities postulated by some in the gifted community. Read more.

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