Tuesday, August 30, 2016

A Little News, Some Resources, and Some Back-to-School Humor

THE DOG DAYS OF SUMMER... and there's almost no real news. We do, however, have pointers to a variety of resources.

THE NEWS -- Learning difficulties are somewhat more common in children conceived in the winter months, according to the BBC news. The difference was small, but researchers think it could be a relative lack of vitamin D during the winter. Read more.

CHILD MIND INSTITUTE. This organization has established a "Healthy Brain Network" to offer resources to help children develop well. Currently serving families in New York City, the network is slated to expand to other East Coast locations. Find out more.

TECA. The New York-based Twice-Exceptional Children's Advocacy group has launched its new website. See it, and find out more about TECA's activities. Separately, TECA offers online parent support groups. The next one is Wednesday, September 7. Find out more.

SMART KIDS WITH LEARNING DISABILITIES offers two resources for parents. One is "5 Tips for Preventing First-Day Jitters"; find it. The other is an article on social rules and choices for kiddos with nonverbal learning disabilities; find it.

TiLT PARENTING has posted two more podcasts. One takes listeners behind the scenes of Understood.org, which we frequently refer to; find the podcast. The other is an explanation of the TiLT Manifesto, the founder's vision for "a more positive, more inclusive, and more all-around awesome experience for parents raising differently-wired kids, as well as my ideas for how we can get there together." If this sounds interesting, find the podcast.

DIAMONDS IN THE ROUGH. If you're considering attending this Washington, DC-area conference in September, be advised that early-bird registration ends this Thursday, September 1. You can save some bucks. Find out more.

DAVIDSON ACADEMY. This school in Nevada is now accepting applications for the 2017-18 school year, so plan ahead. If you have a potential Davidson student, find out more.

FLEXSCHOOL in New Haven, Connecticut, is opening this September. It's for gifted and 2e students, and readers of 2e Newsletter will recognize many of the names in the founding team. Find out more.

GREENWICH EDUCATION GROUP. This Connecticut organization, of which the 2e-friendly Beacon School is part, is offering a free event titled "Taking the Stress out of the College Essay." The event is on Wednesday, September 14, at two times in Greenwich. In the area with a college-bound child? Find out more.

COLLEGE. If you have a kiddo already in college but waffling on direction, TED offers a playlist of 12 talks that that might help make the choice of major. (Or maybe they'll help you figure out which major you should have had.) Find the talks

JEN THE BLOGGER rants in response to a blog in the media that evidently had a "giftedness doesn't matter" slant. Jen's slant: "Why does my child's giftedness bother you so?" Find her blog post. In another recent posting, she offers her observations on back to school.

SENG has a webinar on September 1 on the back-to-school topic, but with a gifted and social-emotional slant. Linda Collins is the presenter. A fee applies. Find out more. Separately, in its most recent newsletter SENG has reissued a piece written by Linda Neumann, publisher of 2e Newsletter, titled "You Don't Have to Go It Alone." The article describes how various professionals can help a parent raise a gifted or twice-exceptional child. Find the article.

AND SPEAKING OF BACK TO SCHOOL, the Washington Post has collected some humorous tweets by students reacting to this time of year. For example: "IM LAUGHING SO HARD!!! My mom misread when my little brothers school starts& it starts tomorrow but we went on vacation. We're driving back." Find the tweets.

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