Thursday, August 11, 2016

Back to School, NCLD, LD Online, More

BACK TO SCHOOL. The Child Mind Institute offers a variety of articles to help parent help their kids back to school. One deals with back-to-school anxiety; find it. Other articles offer back-to-school tips for kids with issues that include ADHD, sensory processing and selective mutism.

NEW HEAD AT BEACON SCHOOL. Greenwich Education Group has announced the appointment of John Manganiello as head of the Beacon School, a 2e-friendly school in Stamford, Connecticut. He succeeds Meredith Hafer, who has been named as director of gifted education for Greenwich Education Group. Manganiello has worked in private school settings for more than 18 years. Find out more.

  • The good. A new study has found that children around the age of 10 who have a positive relationship with a teacher can show development of 'prosocial' behaviors such as cooperation and altruism, as well as a significant reduction in problem classroom behaviors such as aggression and oppositional behavior. Read more
  • The bad. Students who receive more negative attention from teachers experience increases in problems with emotional regulation, concentration, and disruptive behaviors. Read more
NCLD. If you follow this organization, you'll be interested in its summer, 2016, "Impact Statement" describing its accomplishments and upcoming activities. The organization has just named a new president, Mimi Corcoran. NCLD is a prime sponsor of the website Understood. Find the statement.

LD ONLINE has posted an article titled "Understanding and Addressing Processing Speed Deficits in the Classroom." Is this an issue in your house or classroom? Find the article.

TiLT PARENTING has posted Episode 20 in its series of podcasts in support of parents of "differently wired kids." This one is titled "How Positive Discipline Can Help Kids -- and the Whole Family -- Thrive." Find it.

AUDIOBOOKS are often used to help students who have trouble decoding text access academic content. In a recent Washington Post opinion piece, professor Daniel Willingham tells why listening to a book is not cheating. He explains the differences in accessing information via ear or eye, and writes, "Listening to an audiobook might be considered cheating if the act of decoding were the point; audio books allow you to seem to have decoded without doing so." Read more.

MINDFULNESS might prevent anxiety and mental illness in children, says a headline at Brain Blogger, which cites a recent study on the topic. Find out more.

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