Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Dyslexia, Slow Processing Speed, Social Isolation, More

DYSLEXIA CAMP. During the summer, dyslexic kiddos in the Denver area can take advantage of the Rocky Mountain Camp, which provides Orton-Gillingham-based tutoring to assist with the development of language skills. An article about the camp at the site of Colorado Public Radio describes the camp and, in the process, gives some nice kid-based insight on what it's like to have dyslexia. Says one camper, “We see the words as they are but our brain instead of taking the highway, like other people do, straight to it [the word’s meaning] fast --we take the scenic route and sniff all the flowers on the way.” Find the article.

TiLT PARENTING. We know that slow processing speed is an issue of interest to many in the 2e community. An article on our website on the topic gets tons of hits each week. TiLT Parenting has just released a podcast on what it is and how to support kiddos who have it. Find the podcast.

GIFTED CHALLENGES. This blog, by psychologist Gail Post, has a follow-up to a previous entry on the topic of social isolation in teens. This post is titled "Tips for helping your socially isolated gifted teen." If this is an issue at your house, find the blog.

MAKING THE CHANGE to elementary school is the topic of a posting at the site of Smart Kids with Learning Disabilities. If your young 2e kiddo will be making that transition, perhaps check out the blog.

CREATIVITY. The Midwest Torrance Center for Creativity and the Center for Gifted has published the first issue of the Torrance Journal of Applied Creativity. Joan Franklin Smutny and her co-editor, S. E. von Fremd, have put together an almost 200-page issue, with dozens of articles grouped into the topics of Paul Torrance, creative intelligence, models of creativity, creative applications, and creativity applied to psychology and spirituality. Find the issue.

  • A UK study tracking young people diagnosed with ADHD found that 78 percent of those diagnosed "didn't have it once they hit adulthood." Read more
  • Behavior modification and parent training for students with ADHD is the focus of an article in the Miami Herald. The article starts out, of course, with a description of the trials of a boy with ADHD and his challenges in the classroom, challenges that got him the label "bad kid." Also in the mix in the article: pharma companies, increased academic demands on kids, and how children learn best. Find the article
  • Is ADHD an American problem, not a global one? Not according to an article in the Global Dispatch. The article quotes a bilingual psychiatrist, Dr. Doug Berger, who practices in Tokyo, as saying, "I’ve seen many children, both Japanese and foreign, presenting with many years of trouble focusing and organization." Find the article.

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