Tuesday, September 20, 2016

ADHD Nation, Dyslexia and Strattera, Growth Mindset, More

ADHD NATION is the title of a new book on the "American epidemic" of the disorder, which examines the high rate of overdiagnosis (and consequent medication) in the U.S. The author, Alan Schwarz, along with experts Dr. Lawrence Diller and Dr. Ned Hallowell, were guests on the Diane Rehm show recently. You can listen or read a transcript of the show at the show's website. More information about the book is at the site of The New York Times.

DRAMA AND DYSLEXIA. KQED News describes how an acting coach uses uses a variety of visualization techniques to help actors with dyslexia interpret and perform Shakespeare's plays. The coach estimates that 20 percent of the actors she has worked with on both sides of the Atlantic have dyslexia. She has a term that encompasses her techniques: "interpretive mnemonics." Find out more.

DYSLEXIC ADVANTAGE. You can find out whether or not we scooped Dr. Fernette Eide and the latest edition of her Dyslexic Advantage letter with that item above by reading the latest edition of that newsletter. The table of contents of the September issue promises material relating to Prairie Home Companion, Spielberg, fonts, proofreading, and Strattera for dyslexic students, among other topics. Find the newsletter. (If our recent blog item on Strattera (atomoxetine) for dyslexic students was relevant to your family situation, be sure to read Dyslexic Advantage's take on the situation.)

GROWTH MINDSET differs by gender, according to research by Panorama Education published in Education Week. From article: "Overall, boys report a higher growth mindset score than girls that is statistically significant in three of the six aspects we measured." Find out more.

FACEBOOK RESOURCE. On Facebook is a closed group titled "Twice Exceptional Children (2e)." A closed group makes for a more private discussion of issues of concern to members. One of the contributors to the September/October issue of 2e Newsletter made us aware of it. Find this group on Facebook.

THE AHA FALL CONFERENCE is Saturday, October 15, featuring a day with Dr. Tony Atwood. Sponsored by the Asperger's and High Functioning Autism Association, the event is to be held in Garden City, New York. Find out more.

TECA CONFERENCE: CORRECTION. In a recent posting we gave an incorrect date for the conference organized by the Twice Exceptional Children's Advocacy Group. The correct date is November 5; the location is Molloy College in Rockville Centre, New York. Find out more.

EVALUATIONS FOR LDs. Sometimes parents need an independent evaluation of a child's learning and attention issues to get appropriate services at schools. Although those evaluations can be expensive, Understood offers a list of resources for obtaining a free or low-cost evaluation. Read more.

GIFTED/2e IN MELBOURNE. Two organizations in Australia are sponsoring a Gifted and 2e Fair during the afternoon of October 9 in Cheltenham, Victoria. The Gifted Support Network and Kids Like Us say this: "Here’s your chance to meet with various local organisations and individuals who provide services for gifted and 2e children. You will also have opportunities to attend a number of free short presentations from professionals in the field, and to meet other families while you join us for afternoon tea." Sounds quite civil. Find out more.

JEN THE BLOGGER focuses on anti-intellectualism and what that movement means to gifted kids (and their families) in her most recent post. Unlike some posts, this topic doesn't inspire a rant but just "sad resignation." Still, it had to be fun (or just sadly resigned?) to write the words, "For whatever screwed up reason, our American culture celebrates and encourages ignorance." Read more.

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