Thursday, September 8, 2016

Jay Leno and Dyslexia, NAGC/Fordham Venture, Events, and More

HAS JAY LENO EVER CALLED YOUR HOUSE? No? Maybe that's because your bright but dyslexic son never solicited Leno, along with other successful dyslexics, for advice to students with dyslexia. A writer in The New York Times recounts the events leading up to the call, and lists some of the individuals who took the time to respond to her son's letters. Find the article.

THE HIGH FLYER is a new joint venture between NAGC and the Fordham Institute with the stated purpose "to illuminate conversations on gifted and talented children and mobilize support for them to reach their potential." Find out more about the venture. As part of the collaboration, the Fordham Institute has released a report titled "High Stakes for High Achievers: State Accountability in the Age of ESSA," noting that few states encourage schools to focus on high achievers. Find out more about the report.

GEEKMOM writes at the site of GeekDad about games that help her homeschooled, twice-exceptional son learn. The writer is a school psychologist. Find the posting.

2e-FRIENDLY SCHOOL. The Auburn School, in Baltimore, Maryland, says that it "grows the social and academic potential of bright students with social and communication challenges, simultaneously supporting the development of academic skills, social competency and pragmatic language in an engaging educational environment." The school is currently celebrating its five-year anniversary. Find out more.

GIFTED & DISTRACTIBLE. In this newsletter from With Understanding Comes Calm, Julie Skolnick writes about a variety of topics, including a workshop she presented at The Auburn School (see above), sports for kids with ADHD, and her reactions to a workshop she attended at the 2e Center for Research and Professional Development. Find the newsletter.

DYSLEXIC ADVANTAGE. Dr. Fernette Eide has written a piece at this website warning of dyslexia as "under attack" from some groups. She writes, "One particularly dangerous movement is the effort to lump dyslexic learners with poor or struggling readers of low IQ...." Dr. Eide then cites evidence contradicting this view. Find the article, titled "It's Important to Say Dyslexia But Also to Support Its Strengths."

ABOUT THAT FIRST "e." High intelligence is, of course, the first "e" in 2e. Reader Nancy M (thanks!) pointed us to an article in Nature about a longitudinal study of very smart children. Called the Study of Mathematically Precocious Youth, the project has, according to the article, "generated more than 400 papers and several books, and provided key insights into how to spot and develop talent in science, technology, engineering, mathematics (STEM) and beyond." Find the article.

REID DAY SCHOOL OPEN HOUSE. If you've got a 2e kiddo in Orange County, know that the Reid Day School has scheduled an open house for September 22 from 6-8 p.m. The school has been profiled in 2e Newsletter for its innovative approaches in developing the "whole child." Find out more.

TEMPLE GRANDIN IN LOMBARD. Lombard is the next suburb in from Glen Ellyn, Illinois, and the Glenbard School District is sponsoring free presentations on September 21 by Temple Grandin on the topic of "Different Not Less." Find out more.

2e: TWICE EXCEPTIONAL, the movie, is being screened at several locations over the next month or so.
  • September 21 at the Arts and Autism Festival, Columbus, Ohio. More information
  • September 24 at the 6th Annual Golden Door Film Festival, Jersey City, California. More information
  • October 5 at the Newport Beach Civic Center, sponsored by the Reid Day School. Special guests: producer Tom Ropelewski and Dr. Michael Postma. More information
  • October 15 at the Awareness Film Festival, Los Angeles. More information

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