Thursday, November 17, 2016

Depression, Disillusionment -- And Some Resources!

DEPRESSION is in the news this week. First, the results of a study indicating that depression is becoming more common in U.S. teens -- but that the proportion of those teens seeking treatment or help for their depression has not changed. Read more. Second, another news outlet's take on that same rsearch focused on how depression increased disproportionately in girls; find it. Third, a recently updated or posted article at describes treatment options for children with depression -- including therapy and drugs. Find the article. And fourth, the American Academy of Child & Adolescent Psychiatry, which pointed us to a couple of the items above, reminds us that it has its own "Depression Resource Center"; find it.

GIFTED, 2e IN THE NEWS. An article from Dixie State University highlights a mother-daugher pair who are both enrolled at the university. The daughter, 11, is quite gifted and a freshman education major at the school. A twist: there's 2e in the family. Find the article.

NAGC has posted an article by James T. Webb of Great Potential Press. Webb is a psychologist, publisher, and author. The title of the article is "When Bright Kids Become Disillusioned." The article is aimed at educators, and offers a number of ideas for how teachers can deal with disillusionment in students. Find the article.

DAVIDSON ACADEMY has announced the launch of an online high school option beginning in the 2017-28 school year. This gives highly gifted students two educational options for students – the online high school for those living anywhere in the U.S. and the day school on the University of Nevada campus in Reno. Find out more.

GIFTED HOMESCHOOLERS FORUM is 13 years old (same as 2e Newsletter), and reaches millions of eyeballs each week, according to a recent communique. Separately, GHF offers on its website an excerpt from the book Writing Your Own Script; the excerpt deals with finding mentors for gifted and 2e young people. If you're interested in exploring this kind of resource for that 2e kiddo you raise or teach, check out the excerpt.

DON'T CALL DAN PETERS on Tuesdays at 11:30 Pacific time; he'll be busy conversing and answering questions on Facebook during that time. The psychologist, author, and founder of Parent Footprint says "bring your parenting questions" to Facebook.

WRIGHTSLAW says this about the reading program your student with dyslexia might be receiving at school: "If a child isn’t learning in a particular program, that program doesn’t 'work.' The school must provide a different program that does work." Read more.

EXECUTIVE FUNCTION WEBINAR. Landmark College's Institute for Research and Training is presenting a webinar tomorrow, Friday, titled "Supporting Executive Function: Strategies and Skills for the Classroom." Find out more.

TiLT PARENTING. Ever had difficulty communicating with family about your child's giftedness or exceptionallities? TiLT's newest podcast is titled "Navigating Multigenerational Dynamics with Our Parents and In-laws." Here's what TiLT says about the podcast: "In this episode of the TiLT Parenting Podcast, I sit down with my dear friend and super talented life coach Kanesha Baynard to talk about the relationship we have with our parents and in-laws while also navigating our own journey as parents." Find the podcast.

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