Monday, December 12, 2016

2e in Texas, 2e-friendly Resources, and -- Harry Potter

2e IN TEXAS. Evidently 2e students in Texas -- or any student needing special ed supports -- might not have been well served by the Texas Education Agency during the time the agency imposed percentage caps on the number of students eligible for special ed services. The U.S. Department of Education is stepping in and holding "listening sessions" for Texas parents (those are this week; see below), but according to, parents have already been airing complaints on the DOE site. Here's an example: "My 8 year old son has been formally diagnosed as ADHD, general anxiety, social anxiety, mild depression (that’s a new one after his first grade year), and a severe sensory deficit. He’s also highly gifted." He was evidently denied services. Find the article. The unit of the DOE that will be conducting the listening sessions during the week of December 12 is the Office of Special Education and Rehabilitation Services (OSERS). Texas parents can find a schedule of the listening sessions -- dates and locations -- at the OSERS site. As of this Monday morning, you can also read 97 comments from what appear to be mainly parents, many of the comments quite lengthy. (We didn't read all 97, sorry.)

2e-FRIENDLY SCHOOL FORMING. The Edison Academy in San Luis Obispo, California, has sent out a call for input, saying, "We are in the beginning stages of forming a public charter school and need your input." The call for input also lists the educational principals of the proposed school, and they sound good. For example: "Providing dual differentiation: curricular modifications that simultaneously take into account both a student’s cognitive abilities and learning challenges." Find out more.

2e-FRIENDLY SCHOOL IN NEW YORK. A representative of West Hills Academy, in Huntington, New York, contacted us to let us know about the school. The representative wrote: "West Hills Academy, built on 24 years of education experience, is a private school for students in grades K-8. We specialize in meeting the needs of students who are struggling with the everyday challenges of the traditional school setting. We understand the importance of getting to know the child YOU know and creating a customized and flexible learning environment in which that child can reach his or her full potential." Find out more. (West Hill's parent organization is the Gersh Academy.)

2e SUMMER CAMP EARLY BIRD OFFER. Quad Manhattan, an after-school and summer "meeting place" for 2e kids, has announced an early-bird discount for next summer's camp. The offer is good through January 3. Find out more about Quad Manhattan; find out more about summer camp. Contact the camp director for more information about the early-bird offer.

2e-FRIENDLY FACEBOOK GROUP. Marcie Carlstedt Booth has established a closed Facebook group, Twice Exceptional/ 2E Network International. It is an outgrowth of her efforts in the Los Angeles area to serve families of bright children who have special needs. You may also contact Marcie by phone with questions: (818) 667-1950. Find the Facebook group.

AND FINALLY, THIS. Education Week Teacher has a blog in which the blogger posts "10 Offers of Wisdom from Fictional Characters." One of the 10 is from the character Dumbledore in the Harry Potter series. Here's the quote and her explanation of it:
"It is our choices, Harry, that show what we truly are, far more than our abilities." There are many great quotes JK Rowling has given to Dumbledore throughout the series, but this one is poignant in how we teach kids. It shows how Dumbledore believes in a growth mindset and despite the natural abilities we each come to an experience with, it is the choices we make in important moments that define us, not those talents.
Find the 10 quotes.

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