Wednesday, January 18, 2017

ADHD, Picky Eaters, Homeschooler's Resource, and More

ADHD NEWS. Medical News Today has published four recent articles on ADHD.
  • A summary of research into the effects of neurofeedback as a treatment for ADHD. It explains what neurofeedback is and lists six studies over the past six years, describing the results of each -- which are mixed. The most recent study, from 2016, is one we wrote about recently and concluded that neurofeedback is not an effective treatment. Find the summary
  • Descriptions of natural remedies for ADHD. A variety of substances are listed, all with tentative wording such as "could reduce" or "may increase." Also covered: "combination therapy" involving several of the natural substances or natural substances along with prescription meds. Find the article
  • The effect of caffeine on people with ADHD. A couple studies are mentioned, along with conditions under which caffeine should probably be avoided (eg, if you have an anxiety disorder). The article also suggests, "Caffeine should only be used as an ADHD treatment in children and teenagers with a doctor's guidance." Find it
  • ADD VERSUS ADHD. Is there a difference? This article explores that question. 
PICKY EATERS. We often see this term in forums devoted to gifted and 2e kiddos. The New York Times covers picky eating "to the extreme" in an article this week, noting that a new disorder, avoidant/restrictive food intake disorder (Afrid) was added to the most recent edition of the DSM. Got a picky eater at your house? Find the article.

HECHINGER REPORT. This education-focused newsletter has published an article called "School of Me: Letting students study what they want, when they want is the latest education trend." That title should tell you whether or not you'll be interested in reading the article. Find it. NOTE: Be advised that the organization issuing the newsletter can have views some might call liberal.

HOMESCHOOLER'S RESOURCE. A blogger at makes note of a book called Homeschooling High School with College in Mind. What's interesting is that the author of the book, Betsy Sproger, evidently homeschooled her twice-exceptional daughter and had good success when it came to entering college. Read more.

COUNCIL FOR EXCEPTIONAL CHILDREN publishes a journal, Exceptional Children, via SAGE Journals. Unlike most SAGE journals, this one is open access. Two articles in the current edition that might be of interest to readers here are:
  • "Writing Characteristics of Students With Learning Disabilities and Typically Achieving Peers"
  • "Which Procedural Parts of the IEP Process Are the Most Judicially Vulnerable?"
Find the articles in the journal's table of contents. 

TiLT PARENTING offers Episode 40 in its podcast series, "What to Do When Close or Extended Family Just Doesn't 'Get It.'" The podcast features parent coach Margaret Webb. Got this problem at your house? Find the podcast.
CHILD MIND INSTITUTE. This week's featured topic is a comparison of ADHD and bipolar disorder, covering the symptom overlap and treatment decisions. Find the article.

ARETE ACADEMY, a 2e-friendly school in the Minneapolis area, is holding a fundraiser on February 11. The event is to be held at the Minnesota Vikings Preview Center, and besides food, liquid refreshments, and auctions, it will feature current and former Vikings players. If you're in the area and in the mood to support a 2e-friendly school, check it out.

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