Monday, January 23, 2017

ESSA, Parenting, ADHD, Depression, More

BORING STUFF FIRST. That would be ESSA, and to us it's potentially boring because it's law and policy and possibly gobbledygook. We have two resources that might tell us how ESSA will affect the 2e community. The first consists of postings at the site of American Institutes for Research (AIR), in particular its education policy center. There, in a posting titled "What ESSA Really Means for Students and Educators," is a series of topics, a couple of which might be relevant -- one concerning students with disabilities and one on social and emotional development. The first addresses three ways in which ESSA might help students with disabilities. The second also looks interesting, reading in part, "assessing students’ social and emotional skills can yield critical information about each child’s development. And that information can help teachers and parents discover the best in each child, and improvement in traditional subjects and test scores." Find the AIR posts. The second resource is from Education Week, a free webinar on February 1 titled "Key to ESSA Readiness." It's blurb reads, "This virtual event will outline the state of play on ESSA implementation, including new federal regulations and guidance, timelines, and the capacity lift for state and local officials. Education Week journalists and guests will staff discussion rooms dedicated to specific high-profile topics, including: testing and assessments; whole-child and non-academic factors in weighing school quality; federal regulation and oversight; teacher professional development; and states’ capacity and role in stakeholder engagement." Find out more.

ON TO OTHER STUFF -- like a parent's "aha" moment in dealing with a child's emotional needs. Debbie at TiLT Parenting describes a day she was not looking forward to in terms of behavior she anticipated from her son and provides three interesting take-aways for making things go smoothly with a "differently-wired" young person, should you know a kiddo like that. Find the posting.

SENG is presenting a webinar on January 26 on empowering kids to use creativity through challenge, to be presented by Joanne Foster. From the blurb: "This session has a dual focus: to better understand the power of creativity, and to help kids harness it for successful outcomes." Find out more.

KIMBERLY KING is a parent, speaker, and consultant with lots of personal and professional experience in the area of twice exceptionality. She has a blog at the site of her business, Inspired Attention. And she has also just published a book of which she says: "This book is about my journey towards becoming a better person and therefore a better parent. Parenting is a journey of self realization and our children are our greatest teachers." The book is called Parenting is Hard. Suffering is Optional. A Handbook for Parents on the Brink. You can find more information at Amazon.

ADHD AND ANXIETY. Medical News Today explores the interrelationship between ADHD and anxiety, which frequently co-occur in a child. The article covers the connection between the two, signs and symptoms, and treating both. Find it.

DEPRESSION. Researchers at the Academy of Finland have made a discovery revealing new molecular information on how the brain regulates depression and anxiety. In so doing, they identified a new molecule that alleviates anxiety and depressive behavior in rodents. Read more. Separately, the Brain and Behavior Research Foundation has posted an article on a new form of non-invasive brain stimulation for the treatment of depression. It's a variant of transcranial magnetic stimulation that could relieve depression more quickly than similar methods. Read more, but remember not to try this at home. 😛

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