Thursday, January 12, 2017

FAPE and SCOTUS, IEPs and 2e Kiddos, and Lots More

THE SUPREME COURT on January 11 heard arguments in the Endrew F case concerning the benefits schools are required to provide for learners with disabilities -- minimal or meaningful. According to The New York Times, language and cost were concerns of the justices who asked questions or made comments -- whether the court would just come up with another word (like meaningful) that might then be interpreted differently across the country; and the cost of providing whatever required standard of benefits the court defines. Find out more in The New York Times and at CEC's Policy Insider.

IEPS AND THE TWICE EXCEPTIONAL. A writer in The Atlantic tells an unhappy tale of the family's experiences with the IEP process. The article begins, "I am in hell — or its equivalent. Specifically, I am in an IEP (Individual Educational Plan) meeting for my 14-year-old daughter...." The writer notes many things familiar to parents of 2e kiddos, for example teachers not trained to deal with twice exceptionality, or who simply figure a kid can be good in one area and lazy in another. Take your blood pressure meds and read the article. Separately, an article at the site of the AAP outlines the role pediatricians can take in helping parents and families obtain help from school in the form of IEPs or 504s by: being familiar with relevant special ed laws; acting as the medical expert on the IEP team; and clarifying developmental or medical issues. Find the article.

EXERCISE may help with behavior issues, according to research reported at HealthDay. The research focused on kids with issues such as ASD, ADHD, anxiety, and depression. (Sound familiar?) Given time on stationary "cybercycles," the kids were evidently half as likely to "act out in class" compared to times when they had only standard gym classes. Read more. Separately, a study from Norway reported by the American Academy of Pediatrics indicates that moderate to vigorous physical activity reduces the likelihood of depression in adolescents and adults. Read more.

SMART KIDS WITH LEARNING DISABILITIES has posted new material on how parents can promote self-esteem in their kiddos. At least one of the tips was one we'd never considered as a self-esteem builder, but it makes sense. Find the tips

TiLT PARENTING offers Episode 39 in its podcast series, this one on the topic of goal planning. Debbie Asher wrote a book on goal setting for teen girls, and in this podcast she and her 12yo son discuss goals in the context of the way the goal setter might be differently wired, along with appropriate planning, organizational, and time management skills. Find the podcast.

LD ONLINE, in its January newsletter, focuses on spelling and how it might be affected by dyslexia, ADHD, and various other disorders and conditions. Check it out if spelling is an issue in your house or your classroom.

CHILD MIND INSTITUTE. "Understanding Dyslexia" is the title of a new feature article at this site -- what it is, its prevalence, signs and indicators, effects, diagnosis, and how to help. Find the feature.

GIFTED ED WEBINARS. The University of California/Irvine is offering a series of free webinars in February on various topics in Gifted Ed. The final one, on February 22, features Lisa Reid, founder of The Reid Day School in Orange County, on "Characteristics of Twice-Exceptional Children." The intended audience for the series includes parents, teachers, and administrators. Educators may receive credit for completing all four webinars. Find out more.

SENG FANS may find the organization's 2016 Annual Report online. Members of the 2e community, BTW, are likely to find plenty of useful resources through SENG.

2e2: TEACHING THE TWICE EXCEPTIONAL. That's the title of the sequel to the movie "2e: Twice Exceptional," and producer Tom Ropelewski has posted a clip from the sequel online. Ropelewski writes, "'2e2' turns the lens on the teachers who face the challenges of engaging and educating these unique, 'outside the box” thinkers.'" Find the clip.

DON'T FORGET that ordering a complete set of 2e Newsletter's "Spotlight on 2e Series" booklets gets a big discount. A bundle of all 10 booklets costs $100, plus $10 shipping in the U.S. Find out more.

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