Friday, January 27, 2017


We in the 2e community have a stake in the way the U.S. Government’s Department of Education treats students who are gifted and students who have learning disabilities. Many in the education community – the Council for Exceptional Children,, the National Education Association, and Education Week, for example – have expressed concerns about the nominee to head the Department of Education in the current administration, Betsy DeVos. Particular issues you might want to pay attention to as you review her nomination are her inclination to try to privatize public schools by turning them into charter schools, her possible misunderstanding of IDEA, and her credentials in the area of education. We suggest if you have any interest in this issue that you:
This has been a divisive presidential campaign and aftermath in the United States. Our hope is that members of the 2e community will express their informed opinions on this issue of education secretary to legislators based on what members feel is best for their twice-exceptional children.

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