Monday, February 13, 2017

2e in Asia, Talking about Anxiety, ASD, and More

2e IN ASIA... and coming "home" for support. An American mom who has lived abroad extensively writes about how Singapore schools could not/would not support her twice-exceptional child, and the support the family received once they moved back to the U.S. Read more.

IDEA SITE BACK UP. The Department of Education website for IDEA went down last week, causing some consternation in light of recent administration transitions, but it was evidently a technical, not a political, problem. Find the affected site. Read some reactions to the problem at Education Week and at Disability Scoop. IDEA is important to the 2e community, of course, because learning disabilities are under its scope of governance. Disability advocates have been a little nervous, according to Disability Scoop, because "Last month, nearly every disability reference was removed from the White House website after the Trump administration took over."

TALKING ABOUT ANXIETY, OCD, and depression is the topic of an article at Vogue, which describes a live talk in New York by two women in media and a clinician titled "Growing Up with Anxiety." The point: “There’s this shame around [anxiety and depression] when it should be treated like it’s high cholesterol. It’s that treatable and it’s that common. The shame is keeping everyone from moving forward.” If you have a kiddo worried about his or her anxiety or depression or OCD, perhaps check out the Vogue article.

ON AUTISM. Two significant items concerning autism appeared in our inbox last week. One was an extensive article from the Dana Foundation on the causes of autism. The article starts with the results of a twins study that attempted to tease out genetic versus environmental causes, then turns to possible in-utero environmental influences that include infections and drugs/toxins, then turns to possible postnatal factors. Find the article. The second item of interest is from the American Academy of Adolescent and Child Psychiatry. The organization has developed a "Parents' Medication Guide" for ASD; the guide is for practitioners to share with patients. You can find a copy here.

PARENTING AND THE ART OF WAR. Well, it can sometimes seem like war. But the organization Twice Exceptional Children's Advocacy is offering an online workshop by that title. The March 8th event is to be conducted by Neil Weintraub and, according to TECA, "outlines a fresh paradigm for thinking about parent-child interactions." Find out more.

GENDER DIFFERENCES IN DYSLEXIA. A new study indicated that "Boys had lower average and more variable reading performance than girls, which was partially mediated by differences in processing speed and inhibitory control." Read more (but not much more) here or here.

THE BELIN-BLANK CENTER for high-ability kiddos, located at the University of Iowa, has posted a blog entry titled "How Should I Study?" It offers a variety of tips for making studying more effective. Find the posting.

STUDY PARTICIPATION OPPORTUNITY, via Smart Kids with Learning Disabilities. A Harvard study is looking for Boston-area infants 2 to 8 months old for a study on the causes of dyslexia. Find out more.

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