Thursday, February 23, 2017

Breakthroughs Conference, Time-outs, 2e-friendly School, Cats, and More

THE ANNUAL "BREAKTHROUGHS" CONFERENCE in New York City is coming up in March. If you're considering attending, you can find the presentation titles and descriptions at the site of Quad Prep, co-sponsor with AEGUS of the conference. For example, Susan Baum, who is on the Editorial Advisory Board of 2e Newsletter, has a keynote titled "The Power of Strength-based, Talent-focused Education for Twice Exceptional Students." Among the many other speakers are Rose Blucher, Katharina Boser, and the director of the Lerner Lab, which does research on ASD. Find out more. The conference home page is here.

TIME-OUTS may be something you use to try to instill respect for rules at your house. According to the Child Mind Institute, the use of this technique has its critics. Find out more about the pros and cons of time-outs.

TOURETTE'S may not be, unfortunately, something most children outgrow. This according to the results of a recent 6-year study in Denmark, which found that the majority of those followed still had tics at age 19. Journal Watch noted the lack of
certain controls but commented this way: "...these data attest to the need for continued clinical attention to tics and comorbid ADHD and OCD as children age.... That ADHD persisted in a third of cases is important — for many Tourette patients, especially those with mild or moderate tics, ADHD symptoms may be more bothersome than the tics." (Journal Watch is by subscription only.)

GOT A HIGHLY SENSITIVE KIDDO? A writer at Psychology Today offers ways to turn what can be a challenge into an asset. Find the article.

ARE YOU REALLY "INTO" CHILD PSYCHIATRY? Pediatric News offers an article titled "50 years of child psychiatry [and] developmental-behavioral pediatrics." According to the authors, the evolution of the field "includes the approach to diagnosis, the thinking about development and family, and the approach and access to treatment during this dynamic period." Find the article.

A NEW ZEALAND WEBSITE called "Stuff" describes a 2e-friendly school there. Summit Point School in Auckland. The school's founder started with one- and two-day programs in 2013, and then, according to Stuff, "was pushed to open a full-time school by parents, who found their dyslexic children had a great need for help, both academically and emotionally." Find out more.

U.S. EDUCATION POLICY. If, for the sake of that 2e kiddo you raise or teach, you're keeping track of potential changes to educational policy in the United States, here are some sources of information:
  • An Education Week article on the the U.S. budget process and possible effects on K-12 education
  • A piece in the Huffington Post titled "What DeVos Means for Special Education" 
  • An article on vouchers -- and research into their effectiveness -- in The New York Times
  • An NPR piece on how new administration appointees might influence education
  • An Education Week article on efforts to overturn ESSA
  • And finally, a CEC announcement on how some enlightened legislators have introduced a bill to eliminate the U.S. Department of Education.
BUT KNOW THIS! New research has found no link between cat ownership and psychotic symptoms, casting doubt on previous suggestions that people who grew up with cats are at higher risk of mental illness. Read more.

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