Thursday, February 9, 2017

Education Policy, 2e-friendly School, and Lots of Resources

THE U.S. DEPARTMENT OF EDUCATION has a newly-confirmed leader who went through a contentious confirmation process based in part, upon perceptions of her knowledge of the law when it comes to serving children with disabilities. The Council for Exceptional Children, CEC, which fought the confirmation, has issued a statement which reads in part, "Now is not the time to turn back the clock on over 6.7 million children and youth with disabilities. CEC will hold the U.S. Department of Education accountable to ensure that all children and youth are guaranteed a free appropriate public education." Find the statement. Separately, CEC has listed three points it intends to pursue going forward:
  • IDEA funding must be protected and increased, and it must be used for its intended purpose. 
  • Policies that restrict public education’s ability to do its job or that go against the principle of a free appropriate public education (FAPE) are unacceptable. 
  • Children and youth with exceptionalities and their families have civil rights that must be guaranteed. 

2e-FRIENDLY SCHOOL IN HOUSTON. A Ph.D. student is co-founder of a small, 2e-friendly school in Houston, Texas. Journey School was written up by The Daily Cougar of the University of Houston; find the article.
HARD-CORE ADVOCATES might want to know about the annual William and Mary Summer Institute of Special Education Advocacy, held this year from July 30 to August 4. It's for experienced advocates, law students, new attorneys, and attorneys who are new to special education law. Find out more at Wrightslaw, a co-sponsor of the institute.
THE CHILD MIND INSTITUTE offers "Lessons from a Depressed Childhood," a conversation between the institutes's president, Harold Koplewicz, and writer/critic Daphne Merkin. In the conversation is advice for both parents and children. Find the conversation.

CEC RESOURCE. The second issue of CEC's journal Teaching Exceptional Children is out, featuring the topic of mathematics. For example, one article is titled "Intensifying Intervention for Students With Persistent and Severe Mathematics Difficulties." Find the journal.
GHF RESOURCE. If you're looking for online courses aimed at gifted or 2e kiddos, check out GHF Online. Registration for spring classes is now open. Topics include Latin, chemistry, statistics, and more. Find out more.
LD ONLINE's February newsletter is out, and it features articles on reading comprehension. If that's an issue with the 2e kiddo you raise or teach, check it out.
TiLT PARENTING keeps cranking out information on how to raise and educate "differently wired" kiddos. TiLT has issued Episode 43 in its podcast series, "Why Fostering a Culture of Respect in Our Schools Is Critical," with Courtney Macavinta, an author and life coach. Find the podcast. And in a blog post, TiLT's founder tells about books that "have been leading me through my off-road parenting journey." Find the blog.
LANDMARK COLLEGE has issued its February newsletter. Landmark is dedicated to students who learn differently, and, according to the newsletter, the college has now partnered with area educational organizations to provide programming for middle and high school students who learn differently. Also in the newsletter: news of a new career readiness service, and news from the college's Institute for Research and Training. Find the newsletter.
AND FROM 2e NEWSLETTER. We've updated the sample issues available for download for those who want to know more about the content of 2e Newsletter before subscribing. The three new sample issues feature the topics of getting the proper diagnosis, attention and impulse issues, and college for 2e students. Find them. In addition, we've released second editions of two of the booklets in our "Spotlight on 2e" series -- Parenting Your Twice-exceptional Child (for parents) and Understanding Your Twice-exceptional Student (for educators, or for parents to give to educators). You can see the tables of contents for these second editions at our website.

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