Thursday, February 2, 2017

Highly Gifted People, Highly Sensitive People, and More

PSYCHOLOGY TODAY pointed to and summarized an article called "From Terman to Today: A Century of Findings on Intellectual Precocity." Psychology Today says the article "serves as an excellent resource for parents, students, and educators who are interested in the findings of two major longitudinal studies of the gifted which roughly span the last century, and more broadly the historical progression of research on the gifted." Read more.

HIGHLY SENSITIVE PERSONS often inhabit the gifted and 2e communities, it seems. A TED talk by a woman entrepreneur addresses the topic and explains why we need to change the prevalent cultural narrative around highly sensitive people. She describes highly sensitive people this way: "I invite you to imagine living with all your senses on high alert. You also have a vivid inner world, where all of your emotions are magnified. Sadness is a deep sorry, and joy is pure ecstasy. You also care beyond reason, and empathize without limits. Imagine being in permanent osmosis with everything around you." Find the talk; there's also a transcript.

DYSLEXIA AND THE ARTS is the topic of a piece at NPR, where various artists describe how the condition has affected their creative process. The artists all presented narrative and visual works telling how they felt about dyslexia. Find the piece.

NEW AT TiLT PARENTING: "This episode is the first of several solocasts I’ll be doing focusing on homeschooling—not so much the nuts and bolts of it, although I will eventually share some strategies—but more the emotional side of what it was like to make the decision to homeschool. Because, as I’ve said in previous episodes, I was very much a ‘reluctant homeschooler.’" Find Episode 42 from the parent of a "differently-wired kid."

UNDERSTANDING THE 2e BRAIN is the title of a recent post at the site of Gifted Ed Matters. Written by Michael Postma, Ph.D., the blog post focuses on the role of chemistry in the often-baffling behavior of those 2e kiddos. In the blog, he describes some of the work of psychologist Beth Houskamp. Find the blog.

GIFTED AND DISTRACTIBLE has published its February newsletter. According to its publisher, "This month's Newsletter focuses on 2e kids and the classroom - addressing perfectionism, letting go of our adult egos, successfully diffusing challenging behavior, and noticing gender bias. The bottom line? Making personal connections allows us to be our best selves and brings out the best in others. " Find the newsletter.

  • The Mediterranean diet might protect against ADHD, according to research published in the journal Pediatrics and summarized at Medical News Today, which says "Compared with children who had high adherence to a Mediterranean diet, those with a low adherence were more likely to have received a diagnosis of ADHD, the researchers report." Read more
  • Treating the gut microbiome to increase microbe diversity resulted in reduced gastrointestinal symptoms associated with ASD as well as improving sleep habits and social skills in a recent study. Read more
  • An international team of scientists has unlocked some of the genes responsible for cognitive ability. The findings bring scientists a step closer to developing new -- and potentially better -- treatments for cognitive disorders of the brain, such as schizophrenia and ADHD. Find the study write-up.

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