Friday, March 17, 2017

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AUTISM DOCUMENTARY. Starting on April 4, U.S. PBS television stations will show a documentary seeking to describe the sensory experiences of those with autism, according to Disability Scoop. Find out more. Separately, The New York Times also describes a documentary about a man with Asperger's in which a high point is a "rare filmic experience of the sensory overload of autism." Find a description of this film.

BRAIN AWARENESS WEEK is just about over, but you can find out more about its origins, what it has accomplished, and what's next for the observation at the site of the Dana Foundation.

SUMMER CAMP. Registration for Camp Summit West in California is now open. This camp, scheduled for June 18-24, is for gifted and twice-exceptional children. Find out more. Camp Summit East, in Maryland, is scheduled for August 20-26. Find out more.

TiLT PARENTING. Podcast Episode 48 is out, a conversation with TiLT founder Debbie Reber about surviving the first year of homeschooling. If homeschooling is something you're considering for your differently wired kiddo, perhaps check it out.

LONG-TERM ADHD MEDS. In a study that followed more than 500 children with ADHD into adulthood, extended use of stimulant medication was linked with suppressed adult height but not with reduced symptoms of ADHD. Remember, this is just one study and parents should rely on advice from a licensed professional, but we pass this on FYI. Find the study write-up.

CAUSE OF OCD DISCOVERED? An overactive molecular signal pathway in the brain region of the amygdala can lead to obsessive-compulsive disorder. A research team has now established this connection.Find a study write-up.

2e MOVING SCREENING. The documentary "2e: Twice Exceptional" is scheduled for a screening and panel discussion on March 30 at 6pm on March 30 at SUNY Old Westbury. (And if you know what that means, you're probably close enough to attend.) Find out more.

EDUCATION POLICY AND LAW. The following headlines should tell you whether the articles will be of interest to you.
  • NEA Criticizes Supreme Court Nominee's Judicial Record on Special Education. Find the article
  • Trump Education Dept. Releases New ESSA Guidelines. Find the article
  • No, Congress Didn't Vote to Scrap ESSA: Answers to Your FAQs. Find the article
  • The senate just blocked ESSA accountability rules — here are three ways states, districts can carry on without federal regulations. Find the article

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