Saturday, April 29, 2017

SPD, Gifted with ASD, Special Needs & Military Families, and More

IS SPD REAL? That's the question that Slate takes on in a recent article. Why does that question matter? According to Slate, "It matters because tens of thousands of parents are convinced that their children’s behavioral issues are the result of sensory processing difficulties. They don’t believe, or can’t believe, that the real problem is anxiety, ADHD, or autism. It also matters because barrel-loads of money are on the line." Read more.

GIFTED, AUTISTIC, UNDER THE RADAR. Giftedness can obscure or delay identification of many "e's" because of the child's ability to cope and adapt. A first-person-based article at describes one family's situation, where a gifted daughter was not diagnosed with attendant high-functioning autism until she was nine years old. As in the item above, a diagnosis opens the doors to obtaining appropriate services. Find the article.

DISABILITY SCOOP writes about the special situation of military families who have a child with special needs. Those families have different experiences than the rest of us because of, among other things, frequent moves and the absence of one spouse for lengthy periods of time at sea or in combat zones. The Armed Services offer some help, but families take the main burden -- and they probably have to learn new state laws and processes with each move, as well as renegotiating previous IEPs with a new school. Find out more.

TiLT PARENTING observes its one-year anniversary in a special podcast. Writes TiLT's founder, Debbie Asher, "Asher and I wanted to sit down and talk with you about what’s happened with TiLT over the past year, share how it’s impacted our relationship, give you some inside scoop into how we do things here at TiLT central, and talk a little bit about what’s happening in the coming year, including my sharing a bit of big news for TiLT." Fans can find out more at the TiLT website.

SUMMER RESOURCE FOR EDUCATORS. The Belin Blank Center at the University of Iowa offers professional development opportunities for educators involved in gifted programming. Find out more.

LEARNING AND THE BRAIN is sponsoring a workshop in Santa Barbara, California, described as "intensive training on the topics of executive functions and memory that have applications in classrooms." Neurologist/educator Judy Willis presents. Find out more.

ROSS GREENE WORKSHOP. Transdisciplinary Workshops has scheduled Ross Green, Ph.D., to present advanced training in July on Greene's model for understanding and helping behaviorally challenging kids. The intended audience: educators and mental health providers. Find out more.

MINDFULNESS PANACEA. Mindfulness group therapy has an equally positive effect as individual CBT (cognitive behavioral therapy) for the treatment of a wide range of psychiatric symptoms in patients with depression, anxiety and stress-related disorders, according to new research. Find a study write-up.

THE CEREBELLUM, THE PONS, AND COMORBIDITY. Nearly half of people with one mental illness also experience another mental illness at the same time. This is leading researchers to shift their focus away from individual disorders and search instead for common mechanisms or risk factors that might cause all types of mental disorders. Researchers have now linked specific differences in the cerebellum and pons to many types of mental illness such as anxiety, depression, bipolar disorder, and OCD, according to Science Daily. Find out more.

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