Monday, May 15, 2017

2e Conference, Advocacy, New Edition of "To Be Gifted and Learning Disabled"

GIFTED PLUS CONFERENCE IN TEXAS. The Texas Association for the Gifted and Talented has scheduled a conference for June 22-24 on serving gifted students who are twice-exceptional, ELL, or members of other underserved gifted populations. A "Twice Exceptional Summit" is to be held on June 22 and other Gifted Plus events on June 23-24, all in San Antonio, Texas. Find out more.

TO BE GIFTED AND LEARNING DISABLED is a book that is one of the seminal works in the 2e field. Prufrock Press is releasing a third edition of the book on June 30, adding Robin Shader to the previous editions' authors Susan Baum and Steven Owen. This edition update the 2004 second edition. Prufrock states, "This updated third edition provides a comprehensive look at the complex world of students with remarkable gifts, talents, and interests, who simultaneously face learning, attention, or social challenges from LD, ADHD, and other disorders. Through case studies and years of research, the authors present a rationale for using a strength-based, talent-focused approach to meeting the needs of this special population." Find out more.

IT'S NOW OKAY TO HAVE AN LD IN TEXAS, even if your particular LD puts your school district over an 8.5 percent "cap" on special ed enrollments, thanks to legislation recently passed on that state. According to The Houston Chronicle, "As many as 250,000 more students with dyslexia, autism, speech impairments and other disabilities would have received special education services had the state stayed at the national average." Read more. (Please note that this legislative action is an example of how the independent press -- in this case, The Chronicle -- investigate and reports on governmental malfeasance.)

ADVOCACY. For educators looking to gain the skills to be more effective advocates for special ed, the Council for Exceptional Children offers a "Special Education Legislative Summit" on July 9-12 in Alexandria, Virginia. CEC says that participants will learn to help make the case for funding, FAPE, and civil rights for students receiving special ed services -- which, obviously, can include 2e students. Find out more.

ALSO FOR ADVOCATES. William and Mary Law school offers its five-day Institute for Special Education Advocacy starting in late July. It's for experienced advocates, law students, and attorneys. Find out more.

WRIGHTSLAW. Want to find out what others look for at the Wrightslaw site? The current issue of Wrightslaw's Special Ed Advocate lists the five most popular articles, topics, and blog posts from the past half year. Go there.

GIFTED AND DISTRACTIBLE. The May edition of this newsletter from With Understanding Comes Calm is out, with information on a variety of 2e-related topics, including the recent screening of the movie "2e: Twice Exceptional"; Camp Summit East; and a preview of the annual SENG conference. Find the newsletter.

ADHD MEDS, DRIVING. In a study of more than 2.3 million drivers in the United States with ADHD, rates of motor vehicle crashes were lower when drivers had received their prescribed medication, according to a new study. Find a study write-up.

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