Friday, May 5, 2017

Education Budget, Event Alert, Learning Styles, Rosemary, and More

EDUCATION AND THE U.S. BUDGET. Education Week offers an early analysis of the U.S. budget passed recently in terms of its impact on education. Funding meant to aid disadvantaged students and students receiving special ed services increases slightly, according to Education Week. Overall DOE funding falls by $60 million to $71.6 billion. Read more. Disability Scoop noted that the bill increased grants to states under IDEA by $90 million; go to Disability Scoop.

EVENT ALERT. The 2e Center for Research and Professional Development, on the campus of Bridges Academy, has scheduled a symposium for October 13-14 titled "Leadership and Vision in 2e Education." According to the Center, "The symposium will feature keynotes, panel discussions..., interactive forums and workshops on program development, research based strategies and related issues in 2e education programs." Also scheduled: recognition of pioneers in the field of 2e education by way of a "2e Hall of Fame." Find out more.

LEARNING STYLES. The UK Guardian published a piece signed by 30 scientists noting the lack of evidence to support the idea of learning styles, whereby individuals benefit from receiving information in a preferred mode or format. The scientists said that there's no coherent framework of styles; that the concept might lead to assumptions of a "fixed or rigid learning style"; and that research on the topic has "consistently found either no evidence or very weak evidence to support the hypothesis that matching or 'meshing' material in the appropriate format to an individual’s learning style is selectively more effective for educational attainment." Read more.

SLOW PROCESSING SPEED. Understood offers classroom accommodations for slow processing speed, a condition of interest to many in the 2e community. The accommodations deal with in-class learning, learning materials, organization/time management, tests, and more. Find the accommodations.

UNDERSTOOD also offers a series of chats and interactive sessions each month that cover topics ranging from ADHD meds, motivation, behavior, and more. Find the calendar for May.

TiLT PARENTING's newest podcast is about assessing and supporting 2e learners, and it features Devon MacEachron, a clinician who specializes in such matters. Find out more.

ADHD: TO WATCH OUT FOR. A UK study noted some downsides to having ADHD. Said the study, reported at MedPage Today: "These children fared worse academically than their peers without ADHD. They had higher rates of exclusion from school and were more likely to have special needs. They also were at higher risk of low academic attainment and unemployment after leaving school..." Read more.

AND FINALLY, THIS. Exposure to the aroma of rosemary essential oil can significantly enhance working memory in children, according to a recent, small study of chidren 10 and 11 years old. Said the researcher, "We do know that poor working memory is related to poor academic performance and these findings offers a possible cost effective and simple intervention to improve academic performance in children." Find a study write-up.

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