Monday, May 1, 2017

SENG News, ADHD Items, Grade-skipping, and (Sigh) Javits

NEW SENG EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR. Michael Postma, Ph.D., is now the executive director of SENG, Supporting Emotional Needs of the Gifted. In a letter to members, Postma says SENG will continue to offer its core programs, and then adds this: "I am very excited about the development of SENG Connect, an online portal with the capacity to connect SENGsters of all ages, ethnicities, orientations, and communities across the globe. I am also thrilled to explore continued expansion into Europe, Latin America and other gifted communities around the world." We wish Postma and SENG the best going forward. See the SENG site.

SELF-COMPASSION AND ADHD. ADHD can provide plenty of opportunities for self-criticism in moments of disorganization or lapses of executive function. An article at The Huffington Post points out that just as you would have compassion for someone else's careless mistake, someone with ADHD would also benefit from self-compassion, an important part of resilient ADHD management. Read more.

ADHD APP. TiLT Parenting, in podcast 54, describes an app called iGotThis for families in which ADHD is a part. According to TiLT, "iGotThis is a task-focused, productivity tool for families with ADHD that’s loaded with features to keep kids with ADHD on track, focused, and motivated — all while providing real-time visibility and complete control for parents. And just as important, it also builds self-esteem in kids with ADHD." Find out more.

ADHD MYTHS. According to Science Daily, there are myths that surround ADHD as well as a certain stigma. Science Daily offers input from a clinical psychiatrist to help break down what the condition iand what it isn’t. Got to Science Daily.

AUTISM AWARENESS MONTH was last month, but an article at Forbes points out that 75 percent of Americans surveyed say they don't know anyone with autism, even though one in 68 Americans has an ASD diagnosis. (And according to Forbes, almost half of the survey respondents also didn't know that April was Autism Awareness Month.) Read more.

PERFECTIONISM. On Dan Peters' "Parent Footprint" podcast site you can hear two "recovering perfectionists" discuss how to address the condition. Dan is joined by Lisa Van Gemert. Find the podcast.

SUMMER CAMP. According to a recent communique, 2e-friendly Camp Summit still has spaces in its east and west coast camps. Find out more. Separately, Smart Kids with Learning Disabilities points out one of the advantages of attending summer camp: building confidence. Find the article.

GRADE-SKIPPING FOR GIFTED GIRLS. The Atlantic points out a very practical reason why grade-skipping should be a real option for gifted girls. In the words of a woman interviewed, “By skipping grades and getting to grad school early, I could devote time and energy to building my career and earn tenure before I started raising a family. It was extremely beneficial to my career not to be devoting my 20s to anything else.” (Also in the article, this quote: “You can call it a choice, but … who else is going have the babies?”) Read more.

UNDERSTOOD has posted a video titled "Dyslexia and the Brain," of which it says, "Hear from leading dyslexia expert Guinevere Eden on what parts of the brain are used for reading. See how the brain function of a child with dyslexia can actually change when he learns how to read fluently." Find the video.

NO INTEREST IN TEAM SPORTS? If your 2e kiddo feels that way, maybe check out an article at The Washington Post offering athletic alternates to what the article calls "traditional stick- and field-type sports." Think climbing walls, biking, or running. Read more.

WEIGHTED BLANKETS, familiar to many in the 2e community, are the topic of an article at Medical News Today, which provides uses and benefits of the blankets. Find the article.

504 PLANS. In Attention magazine, from CHADD, you can find tips on writing effective 504 plans. Written by Rich Weinfeld, of the Weinfeld Education Group, the article provides key principles along with guidelines for accomplishing those principles. Find it.

NEW ONLINE GROUP FROM TECA. Twice Exceptional Children's Advocacy is offering a new monthly online support group for the parents of 2e teens. Got a 2e teen? Find out more.

ADDITUDE has revamped its website. Check it out.

2e: TWICE EXCEPTIONAL, the movie, is scheduled for a screening at the Long Island Whole Child Academy on May 10 at 6pm. The school is in Melville, New York. Find out more.

ANXIETY TREATMENT: NOT-SO-GOOD NEWS. According to Medscape, "Children treated for anxiety disorders with psychotherapy, antidepressants, or a combination of the two show no significant differences in outcomes or remission at 5-year follow-up. Furthermore, a majority of children experience relapse and chronic anxiety, new long-term data show." Find out more.

NAGC urges gifted advocates to act to support funding for the Javits Act, one of the few (if not the only) federally-funded programs in gifted education. The Javits Act is traditionally funded by our munificent government in miserly amounts ranging from $0 to a few million dollars. Find out what you can do.

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