Thursday, June 8, 2017

2e IEP, Anxiety, Resources/Events, Puberty, and More

UNDERSTOOD, in its "My Parent Journey" feature, has a blog post from a dad describing how his family was able to get, over the years, an IEP that worked both for his 2e son's learning challenges as well as for his giftedness. The story is interesting in that it wasn't until high school that the lack of challenge motivated the family to request enrichment -- and the school went along, offering a method it had never done before. Find the story.

PARENT AND TEACHER with different views of the same child -- that's the gist of a story in The Washington Post. The teachers was very experienced, with a reputation for being good with gifted students. The parent of the boy in question, who was on the spectrum, was, ironically, a psychologist specializing in the early identification of autism. But the teacher said "I don't see [him] as a boy with autism." How did the year turn out? Read the story to find out.

ANXIETY. Two recent articles cover anxiety in kids. One, in Time, is titled "The New Way to Prevent Anxiety in Kids." It focuses on therapies that can prevent anxiety in children, and describes anxiety as a "gateway illness" leading to depression and other problems. Find the article. The second article is at PsychCentral, and focused on anxiety in preschoolers -- its prevalence and how parenting behaviors and family history might be involved. Find the article.

WALLACE RESEARCH SYMPOSIUM ON TALENT DEVELOPMENT. Organizing is underway for the 2018 edition of this event, sponsored by Belin Blank and the Johns Hopkins Center for Talented Youth. Prospective presenters should know that organizers have issued a call for papers. Is there a presentation YOU should pitch? Find out more.

WRIGHTSLAW has published Special Education Legal Developments and :Cases 2016. If you're an advocate, know that the book contains, according to Wrightslaw:
  • All key decisions from the Courts of Appeals in 2016
  • Four decisions that were selected as "Cases of the Year for 2016."
Find out more.

A REMINDER: The Landmark College Summer Institute runs from June 25-28, aimed at educators and professionals supporting students who learn differently. Find out more.

MEET THE SCIENTIST WEBINAR. On June 13, the Brain and Behavior Research Foundation presents a webinar on a drug which might hold promise as a rapid-acting treatment for OCD. Find out more.

TiLT PARENTING offers podcast Episode 60, "A Deep Dive into Assessments, Diagnoses, and Labels," with psychologist Linda Neff. Remember that TiLT is for those who have "differently-wired" kiddos, aka twice-exceptional. Find the podcast.

AND FINALLY, THIS. The hormones associated with puberty affect learning. That's probably not news to anyone who's ever taught or parented a middle-schooler, but it appears that those chemicals do have specific effects on the frontal cortices... of mice -- female mice. Extrapolating the effects to human girls can shed light on how they learn. Find a study write-up.

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