Monday, June 5, 2017

Conference, Aspie Comedian, Dogs and Reading, and More

22nd BIENNIAL WORLD CONFERENCE. The program for this event, to be held July 20-23 in Sydney, Australia, is online at the conference site. A quick scan indicates that there are 10 sessions or events with "twice-exceptional" in the title, including a keynote by Karen Rogers titled "Finding and Supporting Twice Exceptional Learners in Schools." Find the program, and send us a postcard if you attend.

THE U.S. DEPARTMENT OF EDUCATION has revamped the site devoted to the Individuals with Disabilities in Education Act, IDEA. Disability Scoop quotes the department as saying, "The site features better search capabilities, enhanced accessibility and more content." See for yourself; the department invites you to provide feedback.

A 28YO COMEDIAN WITH ASPERGER'S is featured in the Bangor (Maine) Daily News. In the article, he addresses his background, his ASD ("another way of looking at the world"), and his comedy. Read more.

#MYYOUNGERSELF. This campaign is almost over, and the Child Mind Institute has posted a thank you and a request to "keep the movement alive" by sharing its videos, in which prominent people discussed their issues such as anxiety, ADHD, and bipolar disorder. See the thank-you. If you haven't checked out the videos, maybe now's the time.

DOGS AND ACADEMICS. Second-graders of at least average reading ability improved their abilities and attitudes about reading when they read for 30 minutes a week to therapy dogs. Read more.

GIFTED AND DISTRACTIBLE. The June edition of this newsletter is out. Julie Skolnick says, "In this issue of Gifted and Distractible check out articles and information relevant to: end of year considerations - test stress and advocacy... making the most of summer vacation to engage gifted minds in meaningful endeavors, address sleep hygiene, and taking a moment to consider what it's like being a gifted adult." Find the newsletter.

SMART KIDS WITH LEARNING DISABILITIES. A new, brief article at the site of this organization covers some of the reasons why a career in technology might be appropriate for 2e kiddos; find it.

FAITH-BASED SCHOOLS. Commentary at Education Week by a University of Notre Dame official argues that faith-based schools "have always mattered a great deal to our K-12 landscape. In many ways, they matter now more than ever," citing their service to marginalized children and families and to at-risk communities. If you're interested in the many factors involved in school choice and potential shifts in Federal education policy and practice, perhaps check out this article.

RESOURCE. The UC Davis Mind Institute provides many resources of potential interest to parents, educators, and clinicians in the 2e community. One resource is a collection of videos on topics such as ADHD, ASD, assistive technology, LDs, and more. Find the videos.

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