Friday, June 30, 2017

Identifying Giftedness and LDs, Personalized Learning, and More

THE RECENT NCLD REPORT on the incidence of learning disabilities is the take-off point for an article at titled "Ways to Better Identify and Support Students with 'Invisible' Learning Disabilities." The author provides reasons even gifted kiddos may not be diagnosed and receive services, then riffs on three remedies to the situation as proposed in the NCLD report -- get the word out, develop structures, and follow up. Find the article.

BEING MISSED AS GIFTED. 2e kiddos face the double hurdles of being identified with an LD (see the item above) and being identified as gifted. The Brainware Learning Company offers reasons why bright children might not test as gifted, using findings by Scott Barry Kaufman. The article also posits a new view of giftedness that encompasses many "flavors" beyond fluid intelligence -- flavors such as spatial giftedness, verbal giftedness, and others you might see in the child you raise or teach. Find the article.

WHO GETS TO BE GIFTED is the name of a short documentary featuring leading experts on the topic. The film's blurb says: "In this powerful 12-minute piece, director/producer Marc Smolowitz sits down with five of our nation's most dynamic thought leaders to contemplate issues of race, gender, class and sexual identity, especially in relationship to gifted education, the IQ and 21st century ideas around what constitutes intelligence." Find the video.

A CUSTOMIZED EDUCATION would seem to be ideal for a twice-exceptional student -- or any student, really. The Chan-Zuckerberg duo, according to Education Week, "[is] gearing up to invest hundreds of millions of dollars a year in a new vision of 'whole-child personalized learning,' with the aim of dramatically expanding the scope and scale of efforts to provide every student with a customized education. The couple has selected a former Deputy U.S. Secretary of Education to head the initiative. Find out more.

NAGC, in a recent communique to members, said this: "We are celebrating the Fourth of July early! Yesterday, the State of Connecticut took a bold and important step in supporting the special needs for all children with extraordinary gifts and talents when Governor Malloy signed into law An Act Concerning Services for Gifted and Talented Students. Find out more about the bill.

TO BE GIFTED AND LEARNING DISABLED, the 3rd edition, is now available from Prufrock Press. The three authors are Susan Baum, Robin Schader, and Steven Own. Those in the 2e community may use a code for 20% off the price of the book on the Prufrock site. Go to the book's page and then enter code TBGLD20 at checkout to receive the discount.

NY METRO PARENTS has a (sponsored) article titled "Why Do So Many Gifted and Talented Children Hate to Write?" The authors state, "Gifted children need a structure from which to build, process, and organize their ideas, a creative infrastructure to distract them from the arduous task of doing so--along with a dab of mathematics." Read the article to find the structure.

POLICY AND LAW. Education Week takes a look at how assessments under ESSA will affect high school students with disabilities; find the article. And The Washington Post describes how the proposed healthcare bill might cut funds schools use to help special-ed students; find the article.

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