Tuesday, July 11, 2017

2e Scholarship, the Terror of Not Being Able to Read, and More

HERE'S WHAT WE NEED MORE OF -- scholarships available to students at private, 2e-friendly schools. FlexSchool has awarded a student at its New Haven, Connecticut, campus a scholarship valued at half of the tuition for the student's high school tenure. The William Morse Scholarship is named in honor of a mentor to FlexSchool's founder, Jacqui Byrne. Read more about the scholarship and its inaugural recipient.

JONATHAN MOONEY, in a short piece newly posted at Smart Kids with Learning Disabilities, describes the intense terror of read-aloud time at school when he was young and unable to read. Find it. Mooney, of course, went on to be a Rhodes Scholar finalist and a persistent advocate for kids with learning and attention issues.

MEDSCAPE offers us two items of possible interest depending on your family situation:
  • A "Midyear Review" provides guidelines on a variety of topics from a variety of medical sources. For example, one set of guidelines is on childhood obesity; another is on preventive health care for children, from the AAP; and yet another is "guidelines on depression with mixed features." Find the guidelines. (Free registration might be required.)
  • Also from Medscape, an article reporting on research that indicates medications can boost academic performance in ADHD patients. Find it
ONE OF THE NEWS SOURCES we scan is an e-newsletter from the American Academy of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry, and their most recent missive points to two articles of possible interest to parents in the 2e community. One offers tips to identify whether a teen might be misusing his or her ADHD meds, just something else for you to worry about; find the article. The other article is titled, "9 Books to Help Your Child with Anxiety," and it's from Romper.com. Check out the books.

RESOURCE. Don't forget that Wrightslaw has a "Yellow Pages for Kids," organized by state, that might help you find resources of various types as you raise or teach that 2e kiddo. Wrightslaw does encompass twice exceptionality on its site, having a topic area devoted just to 2e, but in checking out resources in the Yellow Pages we recommend making sure that the provider or vendor is conversant with both the gifted side and the LD side. Go to the Yellow Pages.

EDUCATION POLICY AND LAW. In an article datelined July 9, Education Week again visits the issue of protecting student civil rights in the new U.S. administration. The article covers a recent letter sent to the Department of Education by U.S. lawmakers concerned about staff cuts and rollbacks of earlier civil rights procedures. Remember that this issue is of relevance to the 2e community insofar as civil rights apply to those with disabilities, including learning disabilities. Read the article.

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