Thursday, July 13, 2017

Clinicians, Depression, Brain Stimulation, and More

MEMBERS OF THE 2e COMMUNITY are likely, at some point, to have to deal with clinicians about a child's cognitive or emotional issues. The "article of the week" at the site of the Child Mind Institute tells parents what to look for in a diagnosis -- how to judge that a clinician is taking care. It covers actions the clinician should take (for example, doing a broad evaluation), tools the clinician might use, and tips on finding a qualified professional. Find the article.

DEPRESSION AND GENDER. Medical News Today reports on research indicating that depression affects male adolescents and female adolescents differently. The difference was detected in a research setting while using fMRI. The research results would seem to encourage gender-specific treatment approaches for adolescents with depression. Read more.

BRAIN STIMULATION FOR LDs? A small study seems to indicate that a type of brain stimulation called transcranial random noise stimulation (tRNS) improved the ability of children with mathematical learning disabilities. While acknowledging that more research remains to be done, one of the study authors said, "Our research suggests that children with learning difficulties might benefit from combining their learning with tRNS, which has been suggested to improve learning and alter brain functions in healthy adults." Find the study write-up.

ARE YOU ORGANIZED? If so, good for you. If not, perhaps check out podcast Episode 65 in TiLT Parenting's series. The episode is titled "Bringing Clarity into Your Home, Spaces, and Life." It's a conversation with a "professional organizer," and you can bet there's a slant toward families of "differently wired kids." Find the podcast.

GOOD NEWS ON ADHD MEDS? An Indiana University study indicates that ADHD meds are tied to a lower risk (about one-third lower) of alcohol and drug abuse in teens and adults. The study used data on three million Americans identified with ADHD. Find the article.

UNDERSTOOD this week reposts an article from last year titled "7 Things I Wish People Knew about Parenting a Child with Auditory Processing Disorder." A parent offers advice about what works and what doesn't when communicating with a child with APD. Find the article.

EDUCATION POLICY AND LAW. Disability Scoop reports this: "Less than half of states are meeting their obligations to appropriately serve students with disabilities under the nation’s special education law." You can find out if your state meets its obligations in the Disability Scoop article. Separately, if you're looking for a brief (60-second) summary of what the current administration's plans for the U.S. education budget are, Education Week has just what you're looking for.

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