Thursday, August 3, 2017

Conferences, Resources, and Stuff from Other Blogs and Sites

  • The 2e Center for Research and Professional Development at Bridges Academy has released more information about its October symposium, "Vision and Leadership in 2e Education," to be held in Los Angeles. The event is intended for just about anyone in the 2e community. Find out more
  • Twice-Exceptional Children's Advocacy, TECA, has released more information about its October conference, "Building 2e Awareness and Community," in the New York City area. The event is directed at those in the 2e community in the New York tri-state area. Find out more
  • And SENG's annual conference kicks off today in Naperville, Illinois. Find out more

  • Understood provides back-to-school letters you can adapt and use to help this year's teacher understand your child's learning challenges. Find them
  • NCLD, the National Center for Learning Disabilities, now offers a resource on personalized learning. Says NCLD: "This resource hub contains information, case studies, and recommendations -- all with an eye on the needs and success of students with disabilities -- tailored for parents, educators, school communities and policymakers, wherever and however they may be approaching personalized learning. Funded by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, this addition to is the culmination of a three-year exploration of how students with disabilities can benefit from efforts to customize their learning to align with their strengths and interests." Find it

  • Smart Kids with Learning Disabilities tells what to watch for in terms of red flags for dyslexia that should prompt early intervention. Go there
  • ADDitude, noting that pediatricians vary in their capability to serve as mental health resource, tells "how to solve the patient-provider mismatch." Go to ADDitude
  • With Understanding Comes Calm offers the newest edition of its Gifted and Distractible newsletter. Read Julie's piece "Running to Stand Still" about the emotion and dedication shown by parents in the 2e community. Find "Gifted and Distractible.
  • At the Gifted Development Center, Bobbie Gilman and Linda Silverman consider the situation where an anything-but-average child earns average test scores. Go to GDC
  • And TiLT Parenting has released Episode 5,000 -- wait, "only" Episode 68 -- in its rapidly growing podcast series. Says TiLT founder Debbie Reber, "In today’s episode, [consultant/author] Rachel and I will look at what the research has to say about the impact of video games in our kids' lives, bust some myths about the potential harms and benefits of video gaming, and answer questions posed by members of the TiLT Parenting Facebook page. Whether your child is into Minecraft, Clash of Clans, Slime Rancher, Hey Day, or any other online games, I guarantee you’ll take away some nuggets from today’s episode." Take Debbie up on her guarantee

AND IT'S OFF to the SENG conference!

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