Thursday, August 24, 2017

Potpourri: Summit Center, Gifted Challenges, TiLT, Belin-Blank, More

TEACHERS AND ADHD STUDENTS. Education World has published an article titled "Strategies and Resources for Supporting Students with ADHD," focusing on the teacher's role in identifying, supporting, and teaching those students. The article also highlights a new book on using school teams to help students with ADHD. The article identifies teachers needs as being training; proven, evidence-based strategies for dealing with students with ADHD; and collaboration with caregivers. Find the article.

CBT VS NEUROFEEDBACK. New research indicates that CBT can achieve the same results as neurofeedback training in treating the symptoms of ADHD, and in a more efficient manner. Note that the research used adult subjects. Read more.

SUMMIT CENTER. The latest newsletter from the Summit Center yielded several tidbits.
  • Psychologist Dan Peters offers advice for parents on supporting children during the back-to-school transition. Find it
  • Summit Center will offer this fall a four-session monthly discussion group for parents of gifted and 2e children. The group will follow the SENG Model Parenting Group format and will start on September 14 in Walnut Creek, California. Find out more
  • Jade Rivera, according to Summit Center's newsletter, is opening a micro-school for gifted and 2e children in Oakland, California. Find out more
GIFTED STEREOTYPES AND RAMIFICATIONS are the subject of a new blog posting by psychologist Gail Post. Some, but not all, of the stereotypes may apply to that 2e kiddo you raise or teach. Find the Gifted Challenges blog.

TiLT PARENTING has another podcast out, this one an interview with the author of the book To Siri With Love, based on an essay about the author's ASD son's relation with Siri. From Debbie Reber's podcast blurb: "I had a chance to read an advance copy of Judith’s book, and was struck by its very honest, often humorous, and at times controversial peek into Judith’s world, as she shares stories from her life with Gus, his neurotypical twin Henry, and her husband... [I]in openly sharing what’s real in her world through this book, Judith hopes to help others, especially those who may not understand or relate to the experience of autistic people, feel more comfortable and accepting of those who are differently-wired." Find the podcast.

BELIN BLANK CENTER. This organization reminds us of two things regarding the Wallace Research Symposium on Talent Development, scheduled for next April 29 through May 1:
  • Registration for the event is now open.
  • A "call for papers" from prospective presenters is open until September 15. 
Thinking of attending and/or presenting? Find out more.

SENG CONNECT. The organization Supporting Emotional Needs of the Gifted has established an online community, SENG Connect, which, in SENG's words, "provides gifted individuals and gifted families with a safe haven for discussion, support and learning....Topics such as connectivity, education, gifted adults, diversity, creativity, parenting, social/emotional well-being, and many others will be explored." Find out more.

FROM SCIENCE DAILY: "Gut microbes have been in the news lately. Recent studies show they can influence human health, behavior, and certain neurological disorders, such as autism. But just how do they communicate with the brain? Results from a new study suggest a pathway of communication between certain gut bacteria and brain metabolites, by way of a compound in the blood known as cortisol. And unexpectedly, the finding provides a potential mechanism to explain the characteristics of autism." Go to the research write-up.

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