Thursday, September 28, 2017

IEPs & 504s, Communication with School, Carol Dweck, and More

GIFTED, ASD, WITH ANXIETY -- and only five years old. That's the lead in a Washington Post story about IEPs and 504s -- and which might be best for your kiddo. Here's a quote from the article about August, the five-year-old in question, that might ring true to readers here: "When August didn’t follow their instructions, [pre-school staff] told his parents that he was a defiant child who refused to stop making noises in class. [His mother] was confident that it wasn’t that her son wouldn’t stop making noises, but instead that August couldn’t stop." August's situation is the springboard for the article's considerations of the suitability of either an IEP or 504. Find the article.

AND ON THE SAME TOPIC, Wrightslaw's current issue of Special Ed Advocate offers to help you learn what the law says about IDEA, IEPs, and similar topics. Find Special Ed Advocate.

AND ON A SIMILAR TOPIC, Understood offers:
  • Parent-Teacher Boot Camp: Getting Ready for Your Next Meeting; find it
  • 8 Sentence Starters to Use When Talking to Teachers; find it
CAROL DWECK AWARDED $4M. The first issuance of an education research award established by a Chinese tech billionaire has gone to Carol Dwek for her work on "growth mindset," according to Education Week. The award is to "empower the change-makers in education, build a global community of education leaders and, ultimately, create long-lasting, enlightening impacts on mankind as a whole." Dweck's work has pointed out the importance of effort and its effects on motivation and performance. Read more.

DEBUNKING NERDINESS. Need some ammunition to help your kiddo feel more comfortable about the "gifted" label? The website of The Best Schools has profiles of 29 celebrities -- smart people with, says the article, "a true commitment to knowledge, education, and self-betterment." These are PhD and master's-credentialed actresses and MD actors, PhD pro basketball players, PhD rock guitarists, a JD pro football hall of famer, and -- well, you get the idea. Find the article.

FREE ONLINE DYSLEXIA SUMMIT. The organization Reading Horizons is offering an online event on October 12 featuring three presentations on dyslexia-related topics. Find out more.

SENSORY PROCESSING DISORDER is the topic of the most recent podcast from TiLT Parenting. It features Carol Kranowitz. Says Debbie of TiLT, "it was a thrill and honor to get to chat with Carol about what sensory processing is, how to recognize it in kids, what it looks like at different ages, as well as to hear Carol’s thoughts on efforts to get SPD fully recognized as a disorder." Find the podcast.

  • From Medical News Today: "A new study confirms the link between inflammation of the brain and the prevalence of suicidal thoughts in people diagnosed with major depression. This is the first study of its kind to measure relevant biomarkers in living individuals." Find the article
  • From Science Daily, for brain mavens only: "New research advances understanding of the function of the brain's anterior cingulate cortex and its tie to human learning." Find the article.

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