Monday, September 25, 2017

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SLEEP, ADHD. A few weeks ago we mentioned a research study contending that sleep problems and ADHD might have a stronger connection that previously thought. Several journalistic outlets have picked up on that study. The Washington Post ran a story titled "Could some ADHD be a type of sleep disorder? That would fundamentally change how we treat it.? And Education Week also covered the topic, including reporting on a study where students had to give up any screen time for two hours before bed.

PARENTING 2e KIDDOS. A writer at Chicago Now offers "three things you should know about being the mom of a twice-exceptional child." We're sure you've got your own list of things to offer, but if you'd like to compare notes, check it out.

  • A court told a Pontiac, Michigan, Catholic school that it could not discriminate against a student with dyslexia who was denied admission to the school. The Michigan law used by the judges mentions both public and private schools. Attorneys for the school said the law didn't apply because it didn't refer to religious schools. Read more, and thanks to Nancy M for bringing this to our attention. 
  • A request for input from the U.S. Department of Education brought about 15,000 comments, many from people and organizations worried that the department would relax enforcement of civil rights, which applies, of course, to our 2e kiddos getting an appropriate education. Read more
DEVON MACEACHRON has posted a new piece on her blog, this one on assistive technology for dyslexia. MacEachron is a psychologist specializing in 2e kiddos. Find the blog.

PARENTING: FREE ONLINE EVENT. Debbie Reber of TiLT Parenting pointed us to this. Here's what Debbie writes about the event: "Unfortunately, our kids don't come with instruction manuals... but there are people out there who devote their lives to discovering better parenting techniques and practices based on scientific research and knowledge of child development (I consider myself one of them!). And for the first time ever, 24 of these leading experts in child psychology, education, sleep and brain development are all gathered together in one virtual 'place' in what's being called the Be the Best Parent You Can Be." Find out more.

DAVIDSON INSTITUTE. This organization's September e-newsletter is out, featuring news about the 2017 Davidson Fellows; news about Davidson Academy and the Davidson Young Scholars Program; and more. Find the newsletter.

2e: TWICE EXCEPTIONAL, THE MOVIE. Producer Tom Ropelewski has announced three upcoming screenings of this movie, one in Washington State on October 13, one in Maryland on November 14, and one in Santiago, Chile, on November 26 (email for more info). In addition, Ropelewski has posted a preview of his next 2e-related work, tentatively titled "2e2: Teaching the Twice Exceptional." Find it.

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