Monday, October 23, 2017

A Feel-Bad Story, Media Use, OCD, Resources, and More

AND IF THIS WAS YOUR KID? Via Disability Scoop: "An elementary school teacher forced a 9-year-old boy with autism to stand in front of his class twice last year while classmates voted on whether the boy was 'annoying,' a federal lawsuit alleges." Read more.

PORTLAND PUBLIC SCHOOLS currently have a magnet school for gifted students, but wants to split it into eight separate campuses. According to a news report, many parents are upset, including parents of 2e students who receive both gifted and special ed programming. Read more.

UNDERSTOOD offers several goodies this week:

  • An October 24th expert chat titled "How Motor Skills Affect Learning and Making Friends." Find out more
  • An article, "6 Tips for Responding When People Are Insensitive About Your Child's Learning and Attention Issues." Find it
  • An article on a related topic, "What to Say When Other People Interfere With Your Parenting." Find it
MEDIA USE. Want a benchmark on media use for children 0 to 8? The organization Common Sense Media has issued a report which it says provides a "clearer view of how young children's media use has evolved over time and provides a foundation for how we can use technology to support children's learning, play, and growth." Among the findings: kids in this age group spend about 48 minutes a day on their mobile devices; and that's just a third of their total screen time. Find more information.

ASD BLOGS. Medical News Today has compiled a list of what it feels are the 10 best blogs on the topic of autism. Find the list.

FOLLOW-UP. We noted a while ago a first-person piece on OCD by young-adult author John Green and how his OCD led him to create a novel with a 16yo female protagonist who has OCD. Green has also done an interview with NPR about the book and about himself. Find the interview.

SIGNS OF TREATMENT-RESISTANT DEPRESSION are highlighted in a "slide show" at the site of Psychiatric Times, which lists six factors to watch for. Duration and severity are two. You can ignore the final factor, old age, if it's your kiddo you're concerned about. Find the slide show.

SAVE THE DATE. Quad Prep Manhattan has announced the date for its fourth conference "Breakthroughs in Twice-exceptional Education" in New York City -- May 10-12. The May date, rather than the previous March dates, should obviate the danger of a blizzard disrupting the conference as happened this year. Find out more.

THE US DOE has rescinded 72 guidance documents outlining rights for students with disabilities, according to news outlets. The Washington Post provides a list of the documents sorted by legislative type -- eg, IDEA and the Rehabilitation Act. A quick glance didn't reveal any documents we know to affect twice-exceptional children, but we'll wait for experts to weigh in. In the meantime, find out more at The Washington Post or Disability Scoop.

IF YOU'VE BEEN WAITING for a "deal" to sign up for 2e Newsletter, now's your chance. This week, subscribe to 2e: Twice-Exceptional Newsletter for $25 -- $10 off the regular price of a one-year PDF subscription. Plus, you'll get seven bi-monthly issues for the price of six, because you'll get the September/October issue immediately, but your subscription will officially start with the November/December issue, featuring the importance of relationships for 2e children. This offer is good only until October 31st. New subscribers only, please. See the offer

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