Thursday, December 14, 2017

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PARENTAL ADVOCACY. A young woman in West Australia was refused extra time on a standardized university-admission test, despite having been granted extra time in high school because of her dyspraxia. The girl's mother, not happy about the lack of accommodation, teamed with an expert and the media to get the story out and hopefully raise awareness of twice-exceptionality. Read more, and remember that you can do this too.

PRIVATE SCHOOLS, VOUCHERS, DISABILITIES. The move to vouchers has led to concerns about how private schools would be accountable for handling students with disabilities. CEC's Policy Insider is paying attention, and tells of a recently released report on the topic done by the U.S. General Accounting Office (GAO). According to Policy Insider, "the GAO found overall that private school choice programs lack consistency with regard to accountability, lack mechanisms for providing accurate information to the public and families and fail to provide parents with information about changes in rights afforded by the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act." Read more.

LD IN COLLEGE: RESOURCE. Here's what Wrightslaw says about its most recent issue of Special Ed Advocate, which focuses on college and LDs. "...this issue of the Special Ed Advocate provides loads of resources, in-depth information guides, and good advice about what to look for and how to choose a continuing education program." Find the newsletter.

LANDMARK RESOURCE. Landmark College offers a resource for working with diverse learners. The college says, "It is brief and intended to be used as a tip sheet and reminder of these practices, not as an in-depth guide." Find it.

RESOURCE FOR DR. VISITS. At the Homeschooling/2e blog, the author writes about the frequent lack of understanding by pediatricians and doctors of giftedness and 2e and the consequent effect on appointments and diagnosis. As part of the blog, she mentions the Gifted Homeschoolers brochures that parents can print out and give to doctors, explaining those two topics we live with. Find the blog.

JEN THE BLOGGER is unusually contemplative in her most recent blog post. The theme? "The apple doesn't fall far from the tree"... and how the label on the apple might mean something for the tree. Read it if you dare.

TiLT PARENTING's most recent podcast is "A Conversation with Susan Hyatt about Launching Her Differently Wired Son." Debbie writes, "...many of us question whether or not our kids will ever launch at all. I hope you find this conversation, as well as Susan’s infectiously positive and powerful outlook on life, inspiring!" Find the podcast.

SHARE WHAT YOU KNOW! In our most recent blog posting we noted SENG's call for proposals for next year's conference. Now we note NAGC's request for proposals for its 2018 convention next November, submission deadline January 21. We urge you to check out NAGC's request, think about it, and submit a proposal if you think what you have to say would benefit attendees at the NAGC convention, who are mostly (but not limited to) educators.

AND FINALLY, THIS. Got a young musician? There might be a benefit. According to Science Daily, "New research links brain structure to an individual's likelihood of experiencing hallucinations and to their musical aptitude. Participants with higher musical aptitude showed lower hallucination proneness." Read more.

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