Wednesday, December 27, 2017

Tax Gift? Plus Holiday "Candy," Food for Thought, and More

LAW AND POLICY. There's some good news in the revised tax plan for those  parents in the 2e community trying to afford private schools. The 529 education savings plans will now apply to elementary and high school education. The catch: having enough money in the first place to afford a private school for that 2e kiddo -- but maybe the tax provisions will help. Read more.

HOLIDAY CANDY. Producer Tom Ropelewski has released another sneak peek from the upcoming documentary "2e: Teaching the Twice Exceptional." The clip is called, "The Value of Arguing." Ropelewski tells us to expect the documentary in March of 2018. Find the clip.

GIFTED ED 2017 is the theme of psychologist Gail Post's most recent communique at "Gifted Challenges." As she describes it, the post highlights "My top picks for interesting, controversial, and thought-provoking articles from the past year." In the mood for "thought-provoking"? Find the blog.

TECA. Twice-Exceptional Children's Advocacy has announced its January schedule of online parent support groups. Check it out.

PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT. Landmark College has announced the next courses in its professional certificate program, "Executive Function and LD: Integrating Strategies, Study Skills, and Technology." The courses are also available on an individual basis. Find out more

UNDERSTOOD has scheduled an early January online chat entitled "Activities for Developing Your Child’s Executive Functioning Skills," with Stephanie M. Carlson. Find out more.

DEPRESSION. The Dana Foundation has posted a new article titled "Neuroimaging Advances for Depression." The editor's intro to the article says: "While neuroimaging applications for identifying various types of depression have made enormous strides in recent years, no findings have been sufficiently replicated or considered significant enough to warrant application in clinical settings. Our authors are well equipped to tell us what the future may bring." Find the article.

CONDUCT DISORDER. Medical News Today often publishes press releases but sometimes offers what we guess is original content, as with a recent article on conduct disorder. The article provides an intro, a description of symptoms, and information on diagnosis, treatment, and causes. The article notes that conduct disorder occurs frequently with other conditions, including ADHD, ODD, anxiety, and depression. Find the article.

NUTRITION. The interesting premise of a study write-up at Medical News Today is this: "A good night's sleep and a higher IQ could be achieved by eating fish at least once per week — for children, at least." The IQ payoff: 5 points. Read more. And another study indicates that "children who eat healthfully are more likely to be happy, and those who are happy are more likely to eat healthfully." Researchers found there is an association between adherence to healthy dietary guidelines and better psychological well-being -- which includes fewer emotional problems, better relationships with other children, and higher self-esteem -- two years later. Read more. And on the flip side, the popularity of energy drinks and junk food might have unique risks for teenagers who consume too much of them during the later stages of brain development, according to new research. These are just two of the factors potentially affecting teen brain development examined in a new special issue of Birth Defects Research: The Teenage Brain. Read more.

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